Brightlingsea – sights, nature and fluffy things!

I’m back again in one of my favorite Sea side towns ¬†ūüôā

Flowers in the Garden here in April

Mr Newt ūüôā

These are old glass bottles and jars dating back to the Victorian times, it has inspired me to look at my old glass bottle/jar collection and use them in some craft projects!

Baby Lambs!!! ūüôā

A rather tatty, but still beautiful Emperor moth.

Max trying to get through the gap in the gate ūüôā – soppy Dog!

Coming soon, my Charity shop bargain haul! ūüôā



My Recipe has been published!

Exciting news! ūüôā Jean Christophe Novelli (Famous French chef) has been putting together a book for

Image Flora Cuisine and picked my recipe by hand to go in it ūüôā

I got down from 500 people so I am really chuffed my recipe got published in the new cook book!

My Recipe was for ‘Sticky Salmon Noodles’

This is it being made in a studio for the photograph to go in the cook book;





The finished dish…


I recieved a free copy of the book by post, it’s so sweet and has a section of lovely child friendly recipes for your little chefs to make with you ūüôā


Thank yous; all the Flora cuisine team were lovely and I had alot of communication with the ladies on the team working on the project.

Teresa Aylott and Nikki Bryson, thank you for keeping me up to date with the project as well as Tiff who kept me up to date and answered my questions on the flora Hearts facebook page. x

Lauren Kelly Print art work

I like to write about Artists I’ve seen and work that I like of theirs, today I am writing about some one I went to school with, Lauren Kelly she specialises in Print art work.

A distinguished teacher she currently works in a school as an art teacher where she uses the press in her classroom to make her prints.

She is also in the process of writing her Masters dissertation on how her practice as an artist and teacher inspire and compliment each other.

She became interested in printmaking at University while studying for a Graphic Design degree. After University she worked in London designing gifts for Marks and Spencer.

She starting making prints again when she became an art teacher and had more time on her hands during the school holidays.

The pupils she teaches to the other Art teachers who also create in their spare time all inspire her.
She told me ‘My¬†job means that I have inspiration all around me all day.’

She lives in Wivenhoe which is known as a creative hive of activity attracting musicians,poets and artists alike.
Her  prints are mainly lino cuts but she does occasionally experiment with etchings, monoprints and collographs too.

She favours Gustav Klimt and Art Nouveau which have a big influence on the style of her work.

Above is one of my personal favourites.

She also displays her work to sell at various events, like the ‚ÄėWeasel in a Teacup‚Äô. This is an event run by two Colchester based artists and features stalls selling handmade items as well as vintage clothes, tea and cakes and live music.

She also displayed her work at Colchester Free Festival for sale, and has a display at Waterside Gallery in Brightlingsea.

Laurens Painting displayed along Brightligsea Marina;

You can view her work, places she might be displaying her work to sell and what she’s been up to by clicking the link below,

please go and have a look ūüôā

You can also email her at:

The art of abthomas Review

Today I’m writing about an¬†up and coming talented Artist A.B.Thomas, he has an imagination that rivals most.

He is happy to accept commissions and has already achieved many Commissioned pieces including a published piece in a Comic.

He has Clocked up a large fan base and many Clients.

Although he specialises in Graphic Novel design,and has a distinctive style his skills and imagination make him very versatile.

I’ve watched his work grow and improve over the years as he found his own style and experimented with different media’s.

He’s designed everything from Book covers,T-shirts,wallpaper to key rings¬†and Comics.

Here are just a few of his designs,

Some of his most imaginative and detailed work is being presented in a Comic, once complete I will put up some more pictures.

His official Website is still being updated but is definitely worth a look to get a feel of just some of what he is capable of.

Lahara Art Review

Based in Essex a young Lady called Michelle has set up an online Face Book page showing her hand-made crafts and paintings for sale

called Lahara Art.

One of her specialities is painting beautiful pictures for children’s rooms in the form of their¬†Names themed with painted Animals.

She also makes Hand made earings,

and uses her craft skills to make beautiful wine glass Charms her motivation, her Grandfather.

Having lost¬†her Grandfather six years ago to¬†an¬†aggressive form of cancer,she jumped at the chance to offer to design a set of¬† purple wine glass charms, to be raffled/auctioned off at ‘The Purple Party’ to raise funds for Pancreatic Cancer Research.

Take a look at her Face Book page set=a.257435044303018.64518.232562440123612&type=3#!/LaharaArt or where she has pictures of more jewelry,Wine Glass Charm designs and  paintings for sale.

She also takes Custom orders for paintings and jewelry. ūüôā

Join my book club :)


Tell me what your fave book/s are and why …. I love biographies and fiction and children’s books…I love books that can take me away to another time and place there’s nothing better than getting lost in a good book :))

As much as i¬†love the internet and films etc¬†there’s¬†something rather special about having a book in front of you,i¬†own many and I’m sure my collection will just continue to grow. A lot¬†of them are reference books for the things I’m interested in as hobbies, but i have started a new collection of ‘classics’.

I grew up reading Lady bird books, Enid Blyton,secret Seven etc,Roald Dahl, Goose bump books, but my fave books from when i was very young is the hungry caterpillar which i learnt by heart and used to recite at family events (there was also a joke version i saved for special events!) and The Jolly Postmen books by Janet and Allan Ahlberg, what a treat so many things to look at and to pull out and things to find.

There is an eight year age gap between me and my brother, so I have the pleasure of remembering the books I read to him amongst the ‘Thomas the Tank’, ‘Spot the Dog’¬†and ‘Fire man Sam’ books were some real gems, Alfie and Anni rose-being one of them(very similar to Charlie and Lola).

So if you are or have enjoyed a good book wether it be some ones life story,a classic or a book your reading to your child let me know, leave me a comment,¬†rate it (but don’t give the punchline away) never know it just might inspire others to read it! ūüôā