DIY T shirt make over- NO SEWING involved!

I took some old LARGE T- shirts that my boyfriend was going to take to the clothing bank and made myself some cute little tank tops!

I love YouTube tutorials mainly because you can pause and re watch ones that are well shot until you know what you are doing.

When I found a use for my mans old T-shirts I was a happy bunny more summer clothes for me hooray!

I followed ‘LadyCode’ and ‘Sweet Candy Line’s  videos and added a few changes once I had mastered the techniques:

These are the results:

wings riv isl tank riv isl pink

k t shirtgrey skull

 I would wear these out with jeans or shorts.

When you braid shirts it makes them tighter and therefore a better fit, on a few of the T-shirts I braided up the side, under the arm pit to drawer the sides in closer for a better fit.

I found this project quick, relatively easy and good for reusing mens T-shirts or making over perhaps a large T-shirt from say a charity/ thrift shop that you like the pattern of but would other wise be too big.



Cute Garden Craft, ‘thrifty’ Ideas

1) My Plastic milk bottle bird feeders worked well (how to in a prev post – also under craft in categories).

bird feeder


2) Making garden signs using broken slate tile pieces and acrylic paint.

They aren’t professional by any stretch of the imagination but I really had fun making them 🙂

I didn’t  realize how hard it was to write in paint!

 garden sign

garden sign 2

The words need to be gone over again and I think I should have made my Lady bird simpler but I still think they are cute.

Here is a video I found about making holes in slate (in case you want to hang it up)

3) My next Idea was re using tin cans, the type that are coated with plastic on the inside,

using a nail and hammer to knock holes in the bottom, I painted them then planted them up.

planted tin cans

tin rockery

This one is one of my favourites, it’s like a mini rockery, the edge of the tin could do with a tidy up, but I really like the gravel, I think white gravel or bright ‘fish tank’ gravel would look really funky too.



Thrifty Thursday 3 ways to re – use a plastic milk bottle

This first one is a great item for children to use, especially if they
want to help water the garden, but can’t lift a heavy adult sized watering can..
Watering can made from a re – used plastic milk bottle,
1) Take a clean plastic milk bottle with screw lid,
2) Use a cork screw to carefully make scattered holes in the lid
3) Fill the bottle with water, screw lid on securely
4) Get watering 🙂

The next one is from ‘Bliss Blooms Blog’ so pretty I had to include it!
The instructions for this one and measurements are on her Blog;
Re – used Plastic milk bottle :

Milk jug bird feeder
Also from another great Blog I found:
  1. Get a clean dry milk bottle,
  2. On one non-handle side of the jug, use your marker to draw openings where the birds can access the bird seed. Also mark where you want to insert the chopstick/ pencil or straight piece of twig, which will act as a perch for your feathered friends.
  3. Use scissors to cut out the door and hole for the perch; you can use a box cutter to score the center of your cutouts as needed to make it easier to cut into the plastic. Insert chopstick into perch holes.
  4. Remove lid of the jug and tie twine, strong string or thin wire around the base of the neck just under the cap’s threading and tie; replace cap.
  5. Decorate with markers or paint, if desired.
  6. Fill with bird seed, hang from a tree branch or from a hook on the eave of your roof and watch your kids ooh and aah in amazement as they spy birds coming to feed.



Best Friends Christmas Present – and Gift wrapping ideas xx

Me and one of my Best friends have been Friends for many years, for Christmas presents we’ve done everything from nice toiletries, to Chocolates, trinkets and jewelry etc.

They all make lovely gifts but this year I really wanted to take my time over this gift idea.

I’ve made a very personal Christmas box for her.

I hope she likes it….617

                I apologise for the red hue to all the pictures my festive bed throw seems to have interfered with          the photos 😀

For the purpose of this Post the presents are wrapped incase my friend sees them before Christmas                                                            (I don’t want to ruin the suprise)!

I took a Medium sized Box and covered it with my chosen wrapping paper…


I lined the inside with brown paper.

I Wrapped the items in a mixture of wrapping paper, brown paper and white tissue paper, and used lots of festive ribbons.

Here’s what the box looks like when you open the lid….


On top you can see a Great British Puds Baking Book that I’ve wrapped, my friend loves baking and the Great British Bake off so I thought she’d really enjoy that.

I’ve lifted out the Book so you can see what’s underneath…

Down the left hand side you can see three Home made preserves, Apple Chutney,  piccalilli and Onion Relish……


I covered them with Festive tissue paper and Wrapping paper, here’s a better picture so you can see the print on the tissue paper…


In the middle section (top to bottom) are two His & Hers gardeners mugs, they are so sweet they come with a coaster that you can also sit on top of your mug to keep the bugs out if you’re out side.

‘His’ mug has pictures of a wheel barrow, green welly boots, bumblebees and trowel, ‘Her’ mug has polka dot Welly boots, flower pots and a bird they are so sweet.

Below that, wrapped in tissue paper is a hanging decorative heart home accessories with a lovely quote on it.

Also wrapped in tissue paper a Retro terracotta bread warmer, you put in the oven to heat up when your cooking tea then put into the bottom of your bread basket to keep your rolls warm.

I’ve also included a tag with this gift as an explanation or an ‘I am a’…. label.

It looks really rustic and farm kitcheny I thought It’d be nice when having Soup and Rolls.

Below that is a hand-made scented candle, I made with bits I bought off eBay and set the wax in a flowery vintage bone china milk jug, it’s so pretty(also contains a tag with information about the gift); and I wrapped it with a made with (love) ribbons also from eBay.

I’m really happy with how it turned out.

On the right hand side is a candle heated mini choc fondue set and cellophane wrapped chocolate buttons, great for camping holidays and black outs (my luxury item I take when I go to Centre parcs)…


Also wrapped in brown paper and a point setter themed ribbon tucked down the side is cookie cutters that spell out the word L O V E.

The inside of the lid of the box was looking a bit bare so I found some Christmas Quotes from one of her Favourite Authors Jane Austen and stuck them in, I’m sure she’ll appreciate the sentiment she’s a definite lover of classic literature. 🙂

I added Extra Christmassyness with Candy canes, Snowflakes, Foam hearts from a craft shop (in Red and white) and Fur cones I had collected in Autumn.


Last but not least I tied a big gold Ribbon around the box and hole punched a Christmas tag and added it, it looks lovely.

Happy Gift Wrapping every one!

Christmas Craft :) Ideas

Some people will think November is too early to be thinking about christmas, but the build up and planning for me is what makes christmas so great!

For any one that doesn’t know me Christmas is my favourite time of year, no matter how old I get I still feel as excited as I did as a child.

I love planning my Christmas Gift list and getting into the Christmas spirit.

Here are a few pictures to get the ball rolling. xx

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Seedy Bird Feeders

Our Wildlife is something we should all take an active role in protecting and be proud of,it makes our world a more colourful and interesting place.

I hope we preserve as much as we can for our children and our children’s children.

I’ve spent many a quiet moment appreciating the beauty of wildlife in my garden, on walks, in towns and in countryside.

Heres my little help for the birds in the colder months I am making seedy bird feeders, fun and easy great for children with adult supervision.


A large bar of cheap super market own brand lard

Wild bird seed mix 500g

cling film

ball of string & Scissors

moulds, that can be yogurt pots, small jelly moulds,mini pudding pots etc

A flat oven tray to put your pots on

sauce pan

wooden spoon


Fridge space



1) On an oven tray lay out your pots and line them with clingfilm

2)Make loops with the string and a double knot at the end for best results, Lay in the pot,with loop poking out.

3) Put your apron on,In a large pan heat on a low heat the block of lard stir with wooden spoon.

Lard melts easily at a low temp and if it gets too hot it spits,once melted turn off the heat.

2)Add the wild bird seed mix  and stir well.

3)Use a tsp to spoon the mixture into the moulds, holding the loop of string so it doesn’t get covered in the mixture                                                 push lightly to pack it down.

4)Put into the fridge over night to set, Store them in the fridge until ready to use.

5)Hang on branches that can take the weight of birds and high enough so they are not an easy target for cats, If you can hang them above thick bushes so if any of the seedy bird feeder bits fall off pet dogs can’t eat them, the lard etc could make them poorly.

Feed the birds 🙂