Fashion Advice…I need your help – STYLE ME :)

Your challenge, should you choose to accept: I need your help, calling any one interested in fashion and styling!!!! ūüôā

These two dresses are my latest bargains from my thrift/charity shop haul!

I was compelled to buy them one sunny day in the hope I could style them up and wear them for some summer celebrations/ occasion.

So far I have decided I really like Tan with cream and have pulled out a belt and heels in tan and gold accessories.

BUT I really want to see what YOU would do, how would you re-style these dresses?

The other problem I’ve got is one of the dresses (the lace sleeveless shirt style dress) is VERY sheer and I don’t just mean the lace top (I would def wear a vest top underneath I am not a bra on show fan) the skirt is so see – through.


Please help me, I’m in need of inspiration, feel free to copy and paste this photo to your own post with the accessories you might use to style this outfit.

I look forward to hearing from you!



Charity Shop Haul

For any one who hasn’t read my previous posts I love shopping at charity shops/thrift stores, it’s my guilty pleasure!

I think Charity shops unfairly get a bad reputation and I probably have a better understanding of how they work, because I have volunteered countless hours at a few different charity shops myself.

Two Big charity shops I volunteered at – raise funds for Cancer Research and Animals in need.

I love items that have a history, I love a mixture of old and new, I love antique looking items, I also look for interesting jewelry, clothes and BOOKS.

I love the possibility of finding unique items that perhaps aren’t in the shops any more and items that remind me of my grandparents.

I look for books in good condition and very old books (I have a collection I keep adding to)!

As much as I love easy access to the Internet there’s something very special about having a solid book in front of you.

Here are some of my latest buys, I will include prices.


  1. Ok in the top left hand corner is a small cream plate with leaf detail edging, that was ¬£1. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†I think it’s quite elegant and because it’s cream it’s very versatile.candle on plate¬†I am using it as a candle plate ūüôā
  2. Sarah Ravens Garden Cook Book is in Brilliant condition, a hard back book standing approx 30cm high, it is full of inspiration for cooking from what you grow in your veg patch, although there aren’t many pictures of the finished dishes, that was ¬£1.
  3. The right hand corner is the first pretty cream dress, it is a lace sleeveless shirt design with a very sheer cream skirt, this was £2.50.
  4. Second line down left hand side is another Lacey cream dress this one has a high front and a lower back and is less transparent than the other dress, this one was only £1.50!
  5. In the middle is a wooden photo frame cream with silvery detailing on the carving – I think I might put a black and white photo in this frame, this was 50p.
  6. To the right of that is a glass Ash tray, (I don’t smoke) but I do like glass, and this cut glass ash tray at 40p said buy me, you will find another use for me! And I did, I put a potted plant on it!
  7. Bottom line on the left is a Book all about the Tv series that was made by the BBC looking at the ‘Good Life’ series made in the 70’s where two modern-day presenters tried to recreate the life of Mr and Mrs Good and looked at becoming self-sufficient. This Book again is in lovely condition, like new. It’s a large hard back book and it contains Ideas and recipes, this was ¬£1.50.
  8. In the middle is my small ‘birdy’ tea tray with a gold finch on it, big enough for one cup of tea and two biscuits! I paid 50p for this.
  9. Lastly is a cassette tape (how retro) about the Famous Bronte family, I like to listen to cassette stories/ plays etc while I do mundane jobs like sorting out the laundry, so this is perfect as it requires listening but no watching! This was 75p!

I need help styling the pretty cream dresses, I will be asking for ideas in my next post!

Let me know if you’ve found any bargains lately at thrift/Charity shops!


DIY T shirt make over- NO SEWING involved!

I took some old LARGE T- shirts that my boyfriend was going to take to the clothing bank and made myself some cute little tank tops!

I love YouTube tutorials mainly because you can pause and re watch ones that are well shot until you know what you are doing.

When I found a use for my mans old T-shirts I was a happy bunny more summer clothes for me hooray!

I followed ‘LadyCode’ and¬†‘Sweet Candy Line’s ¬†videos and added a few changes once I had mastered the techniques:

These are the results:

wings riv isl tank riv isl pink

k t shirtgrey skull

 I would wear these out with jeans or shorts.

When you braid shirts it makes them tighter and therefore a better fit, on a few of the T-shirts I braided up the side, under the arm pit to drawer the sides in closer for a better fit.

I found this project quick, relatively easy and good for reusing mens T-shirts or making over perhaps a large T-shirt from say a charity/ thrift shop that you like the pattern of but would other wise be too big.


Thrifty Thursday 3 ways to re – use a plastic milk bottle

This first one is a great item for children to use, especially if they
want to help water the garden, but can’t lift a heavy adult sized watering can..
Watering can made from a re – used plastic milk bottle,
1) Take a clean plastic milk bottle with screw lid,
2) Use a cork screw to carefully make scattered holes in the lid
3) Fill the bottle with water, screw lid on securely
4) Get watering ūüôā

The next one is from ‘Bliss Blooms Blog’ so pretty I had to include it!
The instructions for this one and measurements are on her Blog;
Re – used Plastic milk bottle :

Milk jug bird feeder
Also from another great Blog I found:
  1. Get a clean dry milk bottle,
  2. On one non-handle side of the jug, use your marker to draw openings where the birds can access the bird seed. Also mark where you want to insert the chopstick/ pencil or straight piece of twig, which will act as a perch for your feathered friends.
  3. Use scissors to cut out the door and hole for the perch; you can use a box cutter to score the center of your cutouts as needed to make it easier to cut into the plastic. Insert chopstick into perch holes.
  4. Remove lid of the jug and tie twine, strong string or thin wire around the base of the neck just under the cap’s threading and tie; replace cap.
  5. Decorate with markers or paint, if desired.
  6. Fill with bird seed, hang from a tree branch or from a hook on the eave of your roof and watch your kids ooh and aah in amazement as they spy birds coming to feed.



Retro Tea Tray make over

Whilst scouring the charity shops I came across a retro tea-tray, twice! The first time I saw it was £4 the second time it was marked down to £2 it caught my eye so I started thinking about what I could do to it to update it so that I would use it.

The picture behind the plastic perspex window of the Tea Tray had a pressed flower picture in it that was made in 2001 (not as old as the Tea Tray Frame).
But the flowers had started to disintegrate. Note to self always put a sheet down to work on to avoid hovering between each stage!

(excuse my tea and biscuits ūüėÄ )
I started by taking the tray apart.

This is the Tea Tray frame that I have decided to paint…

First I had to sand it down…

I painted it cream with paint especially made for wood, the only thing I can’t decide what to do with is the metal detail.
I wanted to pick it out and tried to avoid painting it but i just couldn’t get a good finish¬†with the paint around the handles (you could see the brush strokes).
So I gave in and painted them¬†I might pick the detail out with an antique looking metal paint, I haven’t decided yet (ideas welcome).

For the new picture in the middle I’m going for either a Cath Kidston inspired look or something with birds on.

I will update my progress as I go along as usual I have more than one project on the go at the moment so bare with me, I will be keeping my eyes peeled for a picture for the middle!

I tried a few different ideas and settled on this pattern, it’s girly and goes well with my Cath Kidston style mugs ūüôā

Charity Shops

To any one that says Charity Shops are a waste of time I beg to differ, If you have patience and a bit of knowledge about what things are worth there are some great bargains to be had.

My friends are all raving about the Fifty shades of grey books and having to buy them one buy one as a treat ( they average about £8 a book there are three in the series), I got all three for £6.

Obviously some one had read them and then handed it into the charity shop they are in great condition.


  • Befriend the volunteers;

If you go into charity shops regularly and are a good customer and chatty to the volunteers they will look out for things for you, put things aside for you and even phone you if there are items you are looking for.

  • Do prices differ?

I have found prices really differ depending on how well established the charity shop is, if it’s on the high street or down a little road out-of-the-way and what kind of town it’s in.

 For example a well-known charity shop down the high street of a busy touristy town can charge more than say a village charity shop or one on the out skirts of a town that not many people visit.

  • Are all the items in a charity Shop second-hand?

It’s a common misconception that everything in a charity shop is second-hand, alot of charity’s have shelves of ‘new goods’ which are donated by larger companies and are brand new, also items get donated that are brand new packaging and tags intact.

  • What are things worth?

The internet is great for looking things up and seeing what they are worth¬†eBay¬†is also a good guide for second-hand¬†items. I always go by the rule of thumb that if i¬†can get the same thing cheaper new it’s not worth it, its second hand there should be a fair discount.If something is over priced and you know you can buy the same thing new¬†cheaper – ASK… it’s not rude to enquire about a price, not all Charity Shop Staff are Price savvy.

  • Can I barter in a Charity Shop?

I would always say YES unless your told other wise ask if you can make an offer, if something is damaged or you think it’s worth less than what it’s priced at.

  • Take your own bag with you/bag for life.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

Not all Charity shops are provided with carrier bags and rely on people donating them, bags for life are sturdy, better for the environment and you never know how many bargains your going to need to carry home.

  • Give back

If you have a clear out remember the Charity shops ¬†especially the ones that aren’t well known they have less help.

Bigger Charity’s¬†that are in chains tend to pass stock around, little charity’s have no one to pass them stock.

Make sure the items are clean and useable, if you wouldn’t give it to some one – don’t give it to charity. You’d be surprised¬†to know how much rubbish is donated to Charity’s¬†including broken and soiled items that the charity then has to pay to get rid of.

  • Check to see if the Charity Shop you want to donate to¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

Has room to store your items     

  • Only some Charity Shops can take electrical goods

If you have electrical equipment to donate ONLY charity shops with registered electricians can take them to test they are safe before being re sold.

  • Donating Large items such as furniture

Some Charity Shops run a collection service to collect clean useable furniture from you.

    • What should I donate?Charity shops take most things from un opened food in date for hampers and Raffles to clean clothing and un opened toiletries, some specialise in say items for animal sanctuary’s. These could be things like clean blankets and towels, unopened and in date pet food, some charity’s¬†collect old prescription¬†glasses for third world countries and old mobile phones the best thing to do is ask what they have room for and if there’s anything specific they are collecting.

Happy Bargain Hunting and Happy Giving

x x x

Things of Late….

So the move to Essex is officially complete, and although I have not set up home properly and still have lots of Boxes to sort through and re-pack I am in Essex! ūüôā

I’ve been staying in the lovely Sea Side Town of Brightlingsea, Surrounded by gorgeous Coastline, colourful beach huts, lots of animals, (Pets, Wild life and Farm Animals that is!)

And am soaking up as much as I can, Making, Baking, Foraging and Photography.

I had a lovely day out yesterday with my Mum, I bought and old retro lap tray that needs a bit of TLC and a new lease of life, but I think It will come up just fine ūüôā

I also went to a Jubilee themed Charity Event had¬†a lovely cup cake, a Cup of tea and two mini sausage rolls, not to mention I won a really cute little toadstool candle on the Tombola and I guessed how many sweets were in the jar and won them ūüôā

So all in all a good start to my move back to Essex!

Photos to come and I will Document my progress of the Lap Tray/Tea Tray I’m going to Make over!