Well being, home remedies, natural products DIY

If you didn’t know already I LOVE natural products and I love making my own products and remedies too.

I like knowing what goes into the products and that they are doing me some good and are safe to use.

Lots of items needed can be found in your garden, your kitchen, at health food stores and online.

Here are some ‘must haves’ for your store cupboard for DIY natural remedies and toiletries:


  1. Carrier oils, these are oils that don’t have a strong scent and blend well with and dilute essential oils, my favourite one to use is sweet almond oil, I use it so much, I’ve nearly run out!
  2. Plants with medicinal properties, Aloe Vera is a brilliant plant to have potted on a sunny window sill, it has many uses and its fleshy pulp can be used internally and externally.
  3. Dried flowers such as marigolds, dandelions, chamomile, rose petals, Borage, Lavender if dried well on news paper on a sunny window sill can be stored in air tight containers and used in bath oils, soaps and in other home made remedies many have medicinal properties.
  4. Cider Vinegar is used alot as a cleanser and in hair tonics removing any residue build up.
  5. Food products such as honey, oats, ground almonds, milk can be used in baths and in face masks, as well as many fruits and veg and even eggs.
  6. Ground almonds, ground oats and fine sugar make excellent exfoliator ingredients.
  7. Coffee grounds are often used in the treatment of cellulite and puffy skin, it is thought the caffeine gives the skin a plump taught effect.
  8. Herbs from the garden can be used in scrubs in cooling eye brighteners and other home remedies including teas.
  9. Bees wax and hard or ‘set’ coconut oil are excellent for making hand and lip balms.
  10. Having a variety of dark glass bottles/ bottles with droppers are essential for storing home-made remedies.
  11. A foraging or identification guide-book is a MUST, so that you don’t misidentify plants and run the risk of putting something toxic in or on your body!
  12. Having a variety of essential oils is what makes making your own remedies and products fun, as-well as boosting the health benefit and well-being benefit of your product! You can tailor it to the individuals needs, I always follow my nose when I am choosing which oils to include,(above in the picture are a few of my latest additions)!

I will be including some recipes in my future posts.





Refreshing your surroundings and oil burner recipe for your work area :)

Do you ever feel completely uninspired? Stagnant? Like your energy is blocked?

That’s how I’ve been feeling for a while and totally uninspired by my work area, it didn’t flow well, it felt cram-pt, claustrophobic and I might as well have been sitting in a card board box!

Staring into space for days on end and not being productive, I guess we all have times like that.

I finally had enough of feeling like that, so I decided to freshen up my surroundings!

It’s good for your well-being, concentration and general focus to refresh your surroundings!

Before I moved my desk it was squashed into a corner with my book-case down one side (which isn’t helpful because you really need to ‘stand back’ to see what’s on the shelves)!

I am well-known for moving my furniture around, (usually at silly o’clock in the morning/ night)!

I am not allowed  to put shelves up/holes in the walls so I got inventive and used a small book-case and placed it on my desk at the back, I tried to fill it with practical things I need to hand and inspiring items.


On the top of the Book shelf are three silver frames, a black and white photo of my great Nan a sketch I made inspired by some one else’s simple drawing of a cat (the blank frame is yet to be filled).

The next shelf down has pictures of family members that have passed and I put black and white photos in the frame I bought from the charity shop! I like the idea that they are watching over me and motivating me. It also has Victorian glass bottles (a group of three) one of them is a very old ‘Eiffel tower’ lemonade bottle and a small ceramic white hinged dove trinket box. 🙂  In the end picture frame is a collage of inspirational and colorful pictures I have collected.

On the middle shelf, I have my favorite picture of me and my brother setting off a ‘lantern’ (the type they had in Disney’s ‘Tangled’  for my birthday in our garden, three wooden quote hearts, a cut glass crystal that my mum bought me (I really need to hang it so it catches the light) and many cassette tapes to listen to.

On the bottom shelf I’ve got spiral note pads, (I am a list maker)! Dictionary, Bird Book, Poetry book, A novelty item ‘all about trees’ that was a Christmas present, my collection of corks in a glass jar, from all different celebrations (I will use in a craft….one day) 😀 My collection of unusual feathers (also in a glass jar) a small old glass container of honey and lemon sweets and a wicker basket of chargers, sticky notes and Laptop accessories.

Down the side of the shelf are two very old glass jars I am using for my pens, pencils, scissors, knitting needles etc.




Bergamot essence 4 drops

cedar wood essence 2 drops

juniper essence 2 drops


Lime essence 5 drops

Lemon essence 3 drops

Peppermint essence 1 drop.

When was the last time you refreshed your desk/surroundings/ Work Area?


Fashion Advice…I need your help – STYLE ME :)

Your challenge, should you choose to accept: I need your help, calling any one interested in fashion and styling!!!! 🙂

These two dresses are my latest bargains from my thrift/charity shop haul!

I was compelled to buy them one sunny day in the hope I could style them up and wear them for some summer celebrations/ occasion.

So far I have decided I really like Tan with cream and have pulled out a belt and heels in tan and gold accessories.

BUT I really want to see what YOU would do, how would you re-style these dresses?

The other problem I’ve got is one of the dresses (the lace sleeveless shirt style dress) is VERY sheer and I don’t just mean the lace top (I would def wear a vest top underneath I am not a bra on show fan) the skirt is so see – through.


Please help me, I’m in need of inspiration, feel free to copy and paste this photo to your own post with the accessories you might use to style this outfit.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Lush Review ‘The comforter’ Bubble bar

The comforter from Lush,


On the recommendation of another Blogger I decided to try this product next.

To be honest, I thought nothing could possibly compare to the Lush bath balls.

 This item smells like blackcurrant juice, is soft and crumbly.

But most of all it makes BUBBLES!!!! lots and lots of BUBBLES!!

I always add a basic bubble bath to my baths when ever I use a Lush bath ball but this answered my prayers – wow!

I give it a 8/10

Really happy, will be trying more of the ‘Bubble bar’ range :))