Gardening/ growing update – May 2014

The latest update is mostly from inside my conservatory (I don’t have a green house), as the nights have been so cold I haven’t had much success with planting things out yet.

The few squash family plants I have planted out have either died or I have dug them back up and brought them in, in the hope I can revive them!

Although my Runner Beans are fairly Hardy and they seem to be doing alright!

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I have had to stake some of my plants (attach plants with wire or string to large straight sticks) to support them as they grow!

These include broccoli, Brussel sprout, peas and I am considering my options for growing my cucumber (which already has a small one visible) and peas in the conservatory for the time being.

NEW SEEDS SOWN, My other half took me to a garden center over the bank holiday where we bought YELLOW courgette seeds and YELLOW large tomatoes (you can hollow them out and fill them, much as you would with peppers)!

Variety is the spice of life 🙂



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