Charity Shop Haul

For any one who hasn’t read my previous posts I love shopping at charity shops/thrift stores, it’s my guilty pleasure!

I think Charity shops unfairly get a bad reputation and I probably have a better understanding of how they work, because I have volunteered countless hours at a few different charity shops myself.

Two Big charity shops I volunteered at – raise funds for Cancer Research and Animals in need.

I love items that have a history, I love a mixture of old and new, I love antique looking items, I also look for interesting jewelry, clothes and BOOKS.

I love the possibility of finding unique items that perhaps aren’t in the shops any more and items that remind me of my grandparents.

I look for books in good condition and very old books (I have a collection I keep adding to)!

As much as I love easy access to the Internet there’s something very special about having a solid book in front of you.

Here are some of my latest buys, I will include prices.


  1. Ok in the top left hand corner is a small cream plate with leaf detail edging, that was £1.              I think it’s quite elegant and because it’s cream it’s very versatile.candle on plate I am using it as a candle plate 🙂
  2. Sarah Ravens Garden Cook Book is in Brilliant condition, a hard back book standing approx 30cm high, it is full of inspiration for cooking from what you grow in your veg patch, although there aren’t many pictures of the finished dishes, that was £1.
  3. The right hand corner is the first pretty cream dress, it is a lace sleeveless shirt design with a very sheer cream skirt, this was £2.50.
  4. Second line down left hand side is another Lacey cream dress this one has a high front and a lower back and is less transparent than the other dress, this one was only £1.50!
  5. In the middle is a wooden photo frame cream with silvery detailing on the carving – I think I might put a black and white photo in this frame, this was 50p.
  6. To the right of that is a glass Ash tray, (I don’t smoke) but I do like glass, and this cut glass ash tray at 40p said buy me, you will find another use for me! And I did, I put a potted plant on it!
  7. Bottom line on the left is a Book all about the Tv series that was made by the BBC looking at the ‘Good Life’ series made in the 70’s where two modern-day presenters tried to recreate the life of Mr and Mrs Good and looked at becoming self-sufficient. This Book again is in lovely condition, like new. It’s a large hard back book and it contains Ideas and recipes, this was £1.50.
  8. In the middle is my small ‘birdy’ tea tray with a gold finch on it, big enough for one cup of tea and two biscuits! I paid 50p for this.
  9. Lastly is a cassette tape (how retro) about the Famous Bronte family, I like to listen to cassette stories/ plays etc while I do mundane jobs like sorting out the laundry, so this is perfect as it requires listening but no watching! This was 75p!

I need help styling the pretty cream dresses, I will be asking for ideas in my next post!

Let me know if you’ve found any bargains lately at thrift/Charity shops!



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