Health and fitness motivation

My Health is really important to me, there is cancer in my family, I have a back injury and I try to take good care of myself and my family.

For me it’s not just aesthetic, I mean to treat my body much like a well oiled machine, I love life and I want to be around to enjoy it and to do that to the best of my ability I need to take responsibility.

If you have read my previous posts you will know I do treat myself or have ‘cheat days’ I eat take away once a month or so, I do eat a ‘proper’ pudding once a week but I also look for healthy alternatives and my healthy choices massively out weigh my naughty treats. 🙂

I talked in a previous Post ’10 ways to boost your health and well being’ about moving your body more and alot of the key points were about eating , sleeping and treating your body better.

I am going to share with you some of the pictures I have gathered that I use on my screen savers, stuck to the fridge, as back ground pictures on my laptop etc to be a constant reminder that I need to be conscious of how I treat my body.





bk g pic






What motivates you to eat well and look after your body?



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