Easy Mediterranean roast veg with veggie sausage Recipe

This Recipe is lovely because it’s healthy, there’s no part cooking of the veg, you use ONE tray so minimal washing up!

roast med


Washed Mixed leaf salad

2 veggie Sausages (frozen)

1 sweet potato (about the size of your fist) chopped into chunky pieces (leave skin on)!

1- 2 peppers (pref red and yellow) de-seeded and sliced in fat slices,

1 onion chopped into 4 (red onion is really nice)

1- 2 handfuls of clean small button mushrooms

1 garlic clove bashed (skin removed)

about a tbsp of olive oil or coconut oil

salt and pepper a large pinch of each

Dried Herbs like Thyme and Oregano 2 big pinches


1) Pre heat your oven to 180 degrees, while that heats up wash and chop your veg,in nice chunky pieces (the thinner they are the easier they will burn)! leave the skin on the sweet potato, bash your garlic and remove outer skin,break up your onion layers up a bit,

2) Toss in an oven tray with oil, salt pepper and herbs

3) Cook in oven for approx 30 mins/ 40 mins checking the veg isn’t getting burnt,

4) Give the roast veg a shuffle about to ensure colour on all sides, Add the frozen veggie sausage, to the same tray, turning after 10 mins, cook for another 10 mins then serve with a big handful of mixed leaf salad.





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