DIY T shirt make over- NO SEWING involved!

I took some old LARGE T- shirts that my boyfriend was going to take to the clothing bank and made myself some cute little tank tops!

I love YouTube tutorials mainly because you can pause and re watch ones that are well shot until you know what you are doing.

When I found a use for my mans old T-shirts I was a happy bunny more summer clothes for me hooray!

I followed ‘LadyCode’ and ‘Sweet Candy Line’s  videos and added a few changes once I had mastered the techniques:

These are the results:

wings riv isl tank riv isl pink

k t shirtgrey skull

 I would wear these out with jeans or shorts.

When you braid shirts it makes them tighter and therefore a better fit, on a few of the T-shirts I braided up the side, under the arm pit to drawer the sides in closer for a better fit.

I found this project quick, relatively easy and good for reusing mens T-shirts or making over perhaps a large T-shirt from say a charity/ thrift shop that you like the pattern of but would other wise be too big.



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