Update – Trying to boost my health

These are just my personal key points I have been focusing on, I know every one has different needs and really I just want to share some ideas 🙂

I’ve always been interested in health and well-being and new products on the market and new ideas. I’ve been watching alot of ‘health and fitness’ videos and reading lots of fitness blogs lately.

Currently my  key ‘Health boost’ points I am focusing on are,

  • Drinking more water
  • Drinking more Herbal teas (for cleansing/ health boosting properties)
  • Finding healthier alternatives for different products
  • Eating more fruit
  • Finding healthy ways to boost my energy levels

So far I am continuing to re -fill my bottle of water and keeping it by my desk,

evian desk

Having a green tea with a tsp of honey in the morning, it’s a tip I heard on some ones youtube video – (i find green tea really bitter and a tsp of honey does the trick for me).

green tea - mug

My ‘Health Food Haul’ gave me lots of good ideas and inspiration  for healthy alternatives, Agave syrup is one alternative sweetener that has now become my ‘go to’ sweetener especially in baking and I use a tiny bit of coconut oil for cooking; I also love rapeseed oil instead of melted butter on dinners.

coconut oil

I have been making a conscious effort to make myself a small bowl of mixed fruit every day usually with lunch including things like half a cut up apple half a cut up banana, ki wi, grapes etc the colours make it very appetizing I’m finding variety is the key and to serve it cut up in small bite size pieces.

fruit salad

I’ve also been making myself fruity smoothies more frequently.

I have found Matcha green tea (powder) in a smoothie to be my savior on days when I need a boost and I need my energy levels to keep me going that little bit longer.It can be bitter on it’s own but works well in a fruit smoothie. Hooray for matcha green tea!

matcha green tea pow

I am also interested in finding out more about these products as I am yet to try them.

research this juice plus 2essencecaramel choc shake

If any one else has any other suggestions of products or tips of things I could add to my diet/ life please let me know (take a look at my other Health/ well-being posts to see what else I have already tried)!



Please leave me a comment xx

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