Veg Patch – Garden update April 2014

My Veg Patch runs up against a brick wall and has a tree in the middle with a small patch of flowers and plants in front of the tree (the trees roots make the soil very shallow here and there for hard to grow veg directly in front of the tree).

I talked about finding a use for my collection of old glass bottles in a previous post and decided to string some up in my tree,

kays garden veg patch

I think I need fishing wire instead, the string I’ve used distracts too much from the bottle display and it would be nice to have a variety of coloured glass, I think blue would look effective.

In the tree you can also see my home-made bird feeder using a clean plastic milk bottle, as described in a previous post.

On the left is a hanging basket of strawberries, I said last year I was going to experiment with different planters to grow Strawberries in.

After weeding my veg patch and fertilizing the soil and hardening off my seedlings when they were big enough, I started to plant them out.

kays veg patch

I strung up my garden string for my beans on the brick wall using nails and made a rough sketch idea of what to plant where according to height and requirements.

I’ve had to leave spaces for seeds that haven’t sprouted yet, like my cabbage seeds.

The black upturned flower-pot marks a spot that I need to put a flat patio slab or something similar so I have something to stand on when I pick my Runner beans.


To encourage the Rhubarb to grow up towards the light I cut a whole in the bottom of a plastic bucket and turned up upside down and weighted it down with rocks.

My Veg patch suffers terribly with snails and slugs I use finely crushed up egg shells around the base of my plants to put them off.

egg shell

Currently planted in the veg patch I’ve got a row of parsnips, row of radishes, row of leeks and one cauliflower.

Lots of Squash family plants, runner beans a few Beef tomatoes and the Rhubarb from last year.

In grow bags I’ve got carrots and potatoes.

In other pots in the garden I’ve got lots of herbs, another lot of potatoes and carrots recently sown.

I also have a bucket/ pot of salad leaves, but I’ve had to cover them with netting and smother them with egg-shell because I have so much trouble with slugs, snails and birds!

Still to be planted out, peas, another variety of bean, and Broccoli when they are bigger!

I’ll keep you updated.



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