Cute Garden Craft, ‘thrifty’ Ideas

1) My Plastic milk bottle bird feeders worked well (how to in a prev post – also under craft in categories).

bird feeder


2) Making garden signs using broken slate tile pieces and acrylic paint.

They aren’t professional by any stretch of the imagination but I really had fun making them 🙂

I didn’t  realize how hard it was to write in paint!

 garden sign

garden sign 2

The words need to be gone over again and I think I should have made my Lady bird simpler but I still think they are cute.

Here is a video I found about making holes in slate (in case you want to hang it up)

3) My next Idea was re using tin cans, the type that are coated with plastic on the inside,

using a nail and hammer to knock holes in the bottom, I painted them then planted them up.

planted tin cans

tin rockery

This one is one of my favourites, it’s like a mini rockery, the edge of the tin could do with a tidy up, but I really like the gravel, I think white gravel or bright ‘fish tank’ gravel would look really funky too.




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