Spring Cleaning Chicken House tips and getting rid of Algae!

Now the warmer weather has started it is the perfect time to sort out your chickens house and give every thing a thorough ‘spring clean’.


There are a few things to remember in regards to cleaning animals housing/ bedding/ living areas, the main being that some animals can be allergic to certain cleaning products and some can even cause death! Every chicken ‘care book’ I’ve read advises NOT to use bleach in any areas chickens may come into contact with! They give a  recommendation list of other products.

Also cleaning out chickens is a messy job, so wear ‘old clothes’, apron or even a bin bag and wear rubber gloves!

Do this job on a sunny day when  the fore cast predicts good weather all day!

Start cleaning in the morning so that everything is dry by the time your chickens go to bed.

Chicken living quarters contain faeces insects, possible mites and other diseases that could be very aggravating and dangerous to people so I advise wearing a face mask.

Firstly you have to make sure your chickens are out-of-the-way and not likely to walk in part way through your cleaning mission, these chickens were having a peck around in a safe ‘fox proof’ area and the entrance door to their house was shut .

chickens 2

Start by stripping out all the straw/ bedding material, then using a hard bristled handled brush to scratch off layers of mud etc that seemed welded on to their shelving area and perches. Soften it and make the job easier by using hot water.

Use a ‘chicken safe’ anti bacterial product, you can put it in a dis used clean ‘spray bottle’ and coat the surfaces well during and after scrubbing.

Wedge the door open, so that the fumes won’t over power you but also ‘air drying’ the chicken house on a warm day is the best way to get it to dry.

You can use a flat trowel shaped tool/ something similar to dislodge dirt off of the floor and scrub that too.

Lots of spiders and spiders webs congregate in the roof of Chickens houses so take a stick and ‘Fiona from ‘Shrek’ style roll the web (using the stick in a circular motion to collect it all up!

When it is thoroughly dry dust all the surfaces with Mite powder and replace the Straw with fresh straw.

It’s a physical job that requires lots of ‘elbow grease’ but the Chickens will Thank you for it! 🙂

Algae on the outside of the chicken house,

chic shed algae

This tip can be used for sheds, fences alike, (areas where animals won’t be coming into direct contact with surface) to treat and kill off Algae!

Also be aware that because it contains bleach you need to protect anything it could come into contact with, including your plants!


1) To 1 bucket of boiled water from the kettle add 1 cap of  bleach

2) Then add approx 1 – 2 tbsp of white vinegar

3) Add a squirt of washing up liquid

4) Wearing rubber gloves and using a stiff bristled brush scrub the Algae off the wood, be aware that this can cause patchiness to painted wood and would benefit from another coat of paint/ stain when wood has thoroughly  dried.

This is the result

chic house no algae



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