Maxwell moo <3

This is Max, he is our 14 year old (bless him) Labrador.


We assume he’s a cross-breed because of his giant head (and consequently the nick name I have given him of ‘meat ball’). 🙂

We’ve had him at least 11 years I think, although I’d have to verify that, it feels like we’ve had him for ever!

His previous owners were struggling to get out and walk him, I believe they had a disabled child and at least one of the Parents had back problems.

That just wasn’t fair to Max, so they re-homed him.

When we got him he was a little crazy, boisterous, in to everything and pulled on the lead.

My Dad relished the task of ‘re- training him’ and always takes a keen interest in dogs personalities and ability to adapt into a new family.


Although he had lived with cats before, Bonnie cat (my out going ‘bossy’ cat, no longer with us) had to remind him every so often how to behave like a gentleman.

They loved each other a lot, or rather Bonnie would force kisses and rubs on him whether he liked it or not. 🙂

Most of the time if I wondered where they’d got to they’d be sun bathing somewhere together.

Max’s personality hasn’t changed, he is stubborn, boisterous – when his body lets him, Placid, friendly, curious, cheeky and laugh out loud hilarious!


He is in AMAZING condition for his age, (even if I do say so myself) and I/we do take credit for that.

He is a bit deaf and has arthritis, he is up to date with all his medications, I review his weight regularly and am strict about what food/ treats he has.

Some of his favourite ‘people food’ treats are : raw carrot, cucumber, anything from the cabbage family, apple, berries and Banana!

I will talk in another post about pet care & well-being (dogs) and about how I take care of Max.



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