Spring nails – ‘Robins egg’

I think I saw something like this on Pinterest a while ago and my friend asked me to post my pictures of what I’d done to mine.


I have used three different shades of blue/ green on my nails because I was trying to decide which one worked best.


Ok from left to right we have a 2 in 1 base coat and ridge filler by collection 2000, a Revlon nail varnish in minted number 85, a Barry M 295 pure turqouise, another Barry M (but in the ‘gelly Hi- shine)  331 Guava and lastly the glitter nail varnish by Chit Chat in Gold 61854.

1. First step I painted my bare nails with the base coat/ridge filler, this gives it a nice smooth base to paint over and stops dark colours staining your nails. This dries really quickly as-well, sometimes I just wear this to make my nails look healthy and neat.



2) I chose to repeat at random the three blue/green shades on each nail until my hand was done, with the Barry M nail varnishes I really only had to do one coat and a little touch up, with the minted by Revlon I definitely needed two coats as the varnish was really ‘thin’ so it took a little longer to dry than the others.

3) When they were thoroughly dry I applied a thin coat of gold glitter.


A good tip for this effect would be to not over load your brush, because you want the sparkles to have spaces in between and seem scattered. It’s easier to add more than to take it away. If you end up with a really bare part you can easily pick up a large glitter piece with the tip of your brush and place it in the bare area.

4) I would definitely recommend a top coat over this and especially around the tip of your nails to stop the varnish chipping away.

Here’s what it looks like:


I really like the gold on the Revlon ‘minted’ colour.

which colour do you like the gold sparkles on the best? x


2 thoughts on “Spring nails – ‘Robins egg’

    • I really like the ‘gelly shine’ Barry M collection they go on really smoothly – and anything that takes less time and ‘touching up’ is a winner in my book 😀 x

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