Hot Topic – 100 Happy Days

Have any of you heard about this yet? If you haven’t Google it!!

Briefly it’s about posting a picture to a website for 100 days straight with one thing that has made you happy in your day.

A few of my friends are doing it on Face Book and while I’m mulling it over (whether I’ll join in with them) I really have been thinking to myself that there is hardly EVER a day when I don’t find something to be happy about.

That’s usually because the things that make me happy really are the simple things in life!!

What are some things that make you happy??

This is something that makes me happy, Scrambled eggs (using free range eggs-they taste sooo good) collected from my god mums chickens, on toasted home-made bread with my Cath Kidston style girly mug of tea on my DIY – made over tea-tray (Also on my Blog). xx


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