Becoming a Vegetarian/ Pescetarian Pros, Cons and interesting info :) Part 2

I am still learning about the Pescetarian/ Vegetarian diet, but this is what I have to offer so far:


  • People may experience resistance to your change in diet perhaps because it challenges their views on eating meat, they might think you will try to force them to change their diet, they might think cooking for you will be practically impossible or alot of hard work.
  • Some people will need time to adjust to their new diet and find a good balance to get all the vitamins and Nutrients they need.
  • You might think it’s hard to eat out when you change your diet.
  • Some Research is needed to see which products are Vegetarian/ Pescetarian friendly.
  • You might experience Resistance from people who haven’t researched this type of diet or the farming industry; some people can get quite heated about the subject.
  • Some people will try to argue that becoming a vegetarian/ Pescetarian is un healthy and ‘not natural’.
  • You could feel quite alone when you make the swap, if your family or friends aren’t on board.
  • You might feel lost, like you don’t know what to cook instead of meat? Will your diet be boring?


  • Lots of people notice Health Benefits when switching from a Meat diet, such as a healthier weight maintained, a better complexion, sugar levels are easier to manage and head aches reduce, the list goes on.I have noticed I feel ‘lighter’ and my thoughts are less clouded.
  • I feel more knowledgeable about the farming industry and can help my family who still eat meat pick options where the animal welfare standards have been set higher.
  • There are things you can add to your diet to make sure it is well-balanced so that you don’t experience a deficiency in any vitamins or minerals or fatigue (listed below).
  • Luckily now a days there are lots of ‘Substitute foods’ for Vegetarians (like vegetarian sausages, vegetarian mince, meat style pieces and ready prepared meals). So if you are cooking for the family you don’t necessarily have to have a completely different meal. Also as-well as famous brands like ‘Quorn’ or Linda Mccartney most supermarkets do their own brand of Vegetarian meals and Substitutes.
  • I haven’t yet come across a restaurant that doesn’t cater for Vegetarians or aren’t willing to leave the meat out or swap something so your meal is Vegetarian friendly.
  • So far the products I have found that aren’t usually Vegetarian friendly (and you need to look for specific Vegetarian versions) are marshmallows(they contain gelatin), Jelly, some mousse, medicine or vitamins that come in a gel capsule, also some hard cheeses contain rennet. An easy rule of thumb is before you buy it or put it in your mouth read the ingredients list.
  • We are Omnivores which means we have the CHOICE to eat a Meat or Veg diet, we can survive perfectly well as long as we get our protein and vitamins from other food sources in our diet.
  • Making the swap from meat to substitutes and other foods wasn’t as hard as some people would like to think it is.
  • There are SO many Recipe ideas for Vegetarians online and groups which offer support such as Peta which also fight for animal rights and higher welfare standards.
  • Lots of Celebrities are Vegetarian and Vegan and use their ‘celeb status’ to shed light on the farming Industry, slowly it is becoming ‘cool’ to care about Animals in the farming Industry.
  • My diet is definitely not boring! In fact I am probably experimenting more with recipes and flavours now I am Vegetarian 🙂

Things to consider adding to a Vegetarian diet so you don’t suffer from Deficiency or Fatigue!

Good Sources of Magnesium
  1. Soya Bean
  2. Nuts
  3. Cereals
  4. Beans
  5. Green Veg
  6. Bananas
  7. Apricots

Good Sources of Calcium

  1. Dairy Products
  2. Dried Peas
  3. Tinned Sardines
  4. Leafy Greens
  5. Oranges
  6. Shell Fish
  7. Nuts & Seeds
  8. Figs



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