Room Tour Items… :)

I try to keep my room very calm and not too busy, after all I have to sleep there!

My room is currently painted cream, with a natural biscuit colour carpet, this is useful when I swap around my accessories and key colours ( like my bed cushions).

At the moment my key colour is apple green, it’s fresh and uplifting.

The majority of furniture in my bedroom is wooden mainly solid pine (and although pine has fallen out of favour lately) it gives a nice warmth to the room.

Here are some of my room tour items;

My birdy biscuit tin 🙂 1962656_10153830556765697_1908144196_n[1]

1959747_10153830556010697_309663419_n[1] A3 Hard back ‘spiral’ note pad.

Books currently on my bedside table. 1897752_10153830555620697_1205708772_n[1]

1896976_10153830558450697_1065277492_n[1] My Porcelain ‘bird’ cup coaster.



  Wicker style white heart.



 Three wooden mini hearts.

Vanilla & Tonka Bean Room and Linen spray. 1618425_10153830555010697_1006351282_n[1]

1621778_10153830556545697_138888801_n[1]                   1796673_10153830556220697_252857578_n[1]

I love scented candles, currently I have this one on the go it’s a Glass jar candle from Matalan in ‘coconut water’ I think it was about £2.50.


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