Lost with out my laptop :(

I had some great ideas for the last few Blog posts I’ve missed so I’ve had to save them.

This is because the Laptop I’m currently using (one I’ve borrowed as my last one decided to turn itself off and never turn on again) is having problems.

I fear this one is a bit old and doddery and is really struggling to keep up with my demands.

It seems to have a life of its own, it’s so unpredictable.

Sometimes it will let me connect to the internet, some times not at all, some times some pages on the internet will load and then not others.

So basically if I have more than one page open it really struggles and takes me HOURS to complete anything – always showing me the ‘time out’ symbol.

Initially I thought it was an internet problem until I realised every one elses laptops and phones connect quickly and easily with out all this fuss.

Even with recent virus checks etc it has been increasingly getting slower and slower.

My boyfriend deleted many browsers and other ‘technical computer jargon’ things that could have been slowing it down it barely made any difference. 😦

So here’s my dilemma get a brand new lap top (more modern, faster with perhaps more software that would be useful to me) or try to get my old Laptop repaired.

Ahh decisions, decisions.

I feel like when it decides to work I really have to take the opportunity to do what I can, there’s only so much I can do connected to the internet on my phone!

The screen on my phone is small and some of the functions that appear on the larger ‘full screen’ or ‘laptop screen’ don’t appear when you view by phone.

So apologies for not posting over Valentines day etc and I will keep you updated as to what’s happening Re: my laptop situation! x


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