Working on another Book, Clacton On Sea and Back pain..

Hi every one just a quick update, I’m currently working on another book, it’s a collection of Ghost stories from my home town Clacton On Sea.


Exciting stuff!

I feel like my home town could do with some positive publicity, lately all the stories on the news about it have been negative and imply that people from my area have no ambition or standards; which simply isn’t true.

That being said I think Clacton could do with an injection of ambition and a few good role models/success stories!

The topic of my Book has long been a big interest of mine, I am really spiritual and love anything of that nature!

I have an on going back problem and on a down side sitting with my laptop regularly for long periods of time is increasing my pain immensely and recently I have experienced some new pain/problems!

If any one has any good tips for me to lessen the pain whilst sitting at a desk please comment below xx


On a Brighter note my deadline for submission is a fairly long one (Thank goodness) I don’t think I could do it any quicker when I am in this much pain.

My doctor has given me muscle relaxant medication to help when my muscles cramp but one of the big side effects is drowsiness and inevitably I fall asleep!

That’s the down side of taking ‘man made medicine’ though I suppose (all the side effects)!

I am excited to see where I go with this book, although I do have to say all my expectations from series like ‘Ghost Whisperer’ and ‘Supernatural’ of clicking the mouse a few times and finding the history of things like buildings is, I’m sad to say very unrealistic. 😦




Check in again soon, don’t forget to leave me a comment x


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