The view from the Shard


The Shard  has become an iconic, landmark building on the London skyline, designed by Master Architect Renzo Piano.

It’s 1,016ft (310m) tall, currently the tallest building in Western Europe.

In a high-speed lift you travel to Level 69 where the 360 degree view can be seen, you literally walk around the pillar in the middle ( that consists of lifts and stairs). You are encased in glass and on a windy day the building sways!!


For the best view go to Level 72, at 244m,this is the highest level open to the public, this level is slightly open to the elements and feels very similar to being up high on a mountain.

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If you have a no-reflection option on your camera it’s definitely worth using it, I found it difficult to get clear pictures.
There is also no time restriction on your stay, I can imagine this would be a great place for Artists and Photographers alike.

I would compare the Shard to the Empire State building, both with its views and notoriety.

I think it’s a must do for tourists and a missed opportunity for local residents.

The staff that direct you to stairways lifts and answer any questions are very friendly and helpful.

I wasn’t overly impressed with the ‘posed photo’ against a green screen where later a super imposed picture of a view is put in and then put on sale for £25, but that’s just my opinion.

There were also great interactive screens that are free to use, that when directed out of the large glass window recognise buildings and identify them for you.


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