Healthy lunch or supper Recipe: Eggs in Purgatory

Simple Healthy and easy!

I was inspired to make eggs in purgatory after hearing Nigella’s recipe that she described in an interview and it made my tummy rumble!


3 fresh free range/organic eggs

1-2 tsp dried oregano

1 crushed clove of garlic

1 pinch of chilli flakes

1 tin/can of chopped tomatoes

Drizzle of olive oil

1-2 slices of brown/seedy bread to mop up the sauce


1) In a large pan heat olive oil on a medium heat, add the chilli, garlic and oregano, stir and cook for a few mins,

2) Add in your chopped tomatoes (I blitzed mine in a blender for a nicer consistency) stir well,

3) Crack your eggs into the sauce (they will be slightly submerged) cook how you like to eat them (eg set yolk or soft yolk),


4) Serve with pieces of bread.


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