Hi there :)

Happy New Year!
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas (if you celebrate Christmas), and had a wonderful ‘holiday’ if you don’t.

unfortunately there’s been some serious Illness diagnosed for a close family member so I haven’t written here consistently for a little while.

On top of that after Christmas my very old little lady Cat (she was 21 years old) had to be put to sleep due to heart problems, so all in all not a great start!

I might take this topic up at a later date xx

I love writing, as much as an expression of my personality it’s like therapy for me.
It’s a good place for me to explain what I’ve been researching or thinking about lately and really mould my opinions as I am writing them.

Also once I’ve got it down it means the mumbo jumbo in my head comes to some kind of understandable order.
I had a lovely Christmas day with my family although one person was missing because they were too poorly to join in, but I was determined to have fun for them.

My Christmas was not traditional I spent it at my father’s place of work!
He works on a boat as an engineer and every other year the crew take it in turns to do the ‘Christmas shift’.

‘Oh no how awful’ I hear you groan.
Well I can tell you now that being catered for by professional Chefs, having an endless supply of wine and a cinema screen practically to yourself eased the pain!

It was great!

We are very Lucky to experience a different type of Christmas with all the crew members, some of their family’s and Philippino staff all eating together in one large dining room.

The staff were Merry, children were exploring excitedly and asking for ‘Monsters University’ and ‘Frozen’ to be played in the cinema.


So after a giant Roast dinner…. (This is my brothers plate I might just add!!)


That’s exactly where I spent my evening, with mince-pie and wine in hand in the cinema watching Gravity, Frozen and Monsters University; feeling Christmassy 🙂

New Year was spent with family watching films and reflecting on the past year and looking at what lies ahead.

I wish you all good Health, Laughter, adventures and Compassion for those less fortunate for 2014! xx


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