New Year, New Ideas..

The New Year calls for New Ideas!

I don’t think I’ve got any particular New Years Resolutions but I do have upcoming plans for my Blog.

I will keep reviewing products for you, here are a little selection of LUSH products that I will be reviewing.


I plan to add to my product reviews including nail polishes face products, my favourites from 2013 including some of my own tips and tricks.

I’m also hoping to get sent some natural products (like aromatherapy oils, Carrier oils etc) to make home-made beauty products and test them out for you and perfect the ‘recipes’.

I’m also looking at signing with a review testing company so I can have more random items to review 🙂

I will be writing about the view from the Shard in London.


I’ve had so many ideas for my Hot Topic Blogs where I share with you research I’ve done, discoveries I’ve made, things I’ve come across in my life/on the Internet and hopefully some or all of them will interest you.


*Fitspiration, including my goals and Healthy Recipe ideas


*My journey learning about animal welfare in the farming industry and becoming a vegetarian

*A Spiritual journey

*Learning and finding new subjects that I find fascinating


*Animal Re-homing Centres and ‘the bigger picture’

*What makes you Happy? The simple things in life


I have no idea what order they will come out in, but I am trying to be good and remember to take photos for you! 🙂


Please leave me a comment xx

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