Best Friends Christmas Present – and Gift wrapping ideas xx

Me and one of my Best friends have been Friends for many years, for Christmas presents we’ve done everything from nice toiletries, to Chocolates, trinkets and jewelry etc.

They all make lovely gifts but this year I really wanted to take my time over this gift idea.

I’ve made a very personal Christmas box for her.

I hope she likes it….617

                I apologise for the red hue to all the pictures my festive bed throw seems to have interfered with          the photos 😀

For the purpose of this Post the presents are wrapped incase my friend sees them before Christmas                                                            (I don’t want to ruin the suprise)!

I took a Medium sized Box and covered it with my chosen wrapping paper…


I lined the inside with brown paper.

I Wrapped the items in a mixture of wrapping paper, brown paper and white tissue paper, and used lots of festive ribbons.

Here’s what the box looks like when you open the lid….


On top you can see a Great British Puds Baking Book that I’ve wrapped, my friend loves baking and the Great British Bake off so I thought she’d really enjoy that.

I’ve lifted out the Book so you can see what’s underneath…

Down the left hand side you can see three Home made preserves, Apple Chutney,  piccalilli and Onion Relish……


I covered them with Festive tissue paper and Wrapping paper, here’s a better picture so you can see the print on the tissue paper…


In the middle section (top to bottom) are two His & Hers gardeners mugs, they are so sweet they come with a coaster that you can also sit on top of your mug to keep the bugs out if you’re out side.

‘His’ mug has pictures of a wheel barrow, green welly boots, bumblebees and trowel, ‘Her’ mug has polka dot Welly boots, flower pots and a bird they are so sweet.

Below that, wrapped in tissue paper is a hanging decorative heart home accessories with a lovely quote on it.

Also wrapped in tissue paper a Retro terracotta bread warmer, you put in the oven to heat up when your cooking tea then put into the bottom of your bread basket to keep your rolls warm.

I’ve also included a tag with this gift as an explanation or an ‘I am a’…. label.

It looks really rustic and farm kitcheny I thought It’d be nice when having Soup and Rolls.

Below that is a hand-made scented candle, I made with bits I bought off eBay and set the wax in a flowery vintage bone china milk jug, it’s so pretty(also contains a tag with information about the gift); and I wrapped it with a made with (love) ribbons also from eBay.

I’m really happy with how it turned out.

On the right hand side is a candle heated mini choc fondue set and cellophane wrapped chocolate buttons, great for camping holidays and black outs (my luxury item I take when I go to Centre parcs)…


Also wrapped in brown paper and a point setter themed ribbon tucked down the side is cookie cutters that spell out the word L O V E.

The inside of the lid of the box was looking a bit bare so I found some Christmas Quotes from one of her Favourite Authors Jane Austen and stuck them in, I’m sure she’ll appreciate the sentiment she’s a definite lover of classic literature. 🙂

I added Extra Christmassyness with Candy canes, Snowflakes, Foam hearts from a craft shop (in Red and white) and Fur cones I had collected in Autumn.


Last but not least I tied a big gold Ribbon around the box and hole punched a Christmas tag and added it, it looks lovely.

Happy Gift Wrapping every one!


Please leave me a comment xx

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