Gardening update

Last year I claimed a small piece of garden as my veg patch, it was covered in brambles and I declared war to clear it and took pictures for my Blog.

I don’t have alot of experience with gardening but I definately enjoy it, and I’m learning by doing.

This year I grew Cabbages,Purple sprouting Brocoli, Broad beans, Runner beans, potatoes, courgettes, Salad leaves, tomatoes, cauliflowers and carrots.

In the conservatory I grew peppers, chillis, and planted a lemon seed that is growing 🙂


This pepper plant survived winter in the conservatory.

Even though it was looking a little sad I still watered it and it repaid me with lots of lovely peppers, infact theres still a few on there now.

The first things I planted in the Veg patch were Purple sprouting Brocoli and cabbage seedlings.

I got a good crop off of them but they bolted and grew too quick too fast.

They didn’t go to complete waste, I ate the young greens in stirfrys and as sides they were delicious.

Cabbage butterflys on the other hand were a BIG problem for me this year, I picked off catterpillers (they crawled back)I removed the eggs, (the butterflys laid more)I squirted the leaves with a watery solution of washing up liquid and water(the rain washed it off).

The other problem I experienced but learned from this year was Chocolate spot that attatcked my Broad beans.

Chocolate spot disease caused by Botrytis fabae manifests itself as small red-brown spots on leaves, stems and flowers of broad bean plants. These enlarge and develop a grey, dead centre with a reddish-brown margin. Spores form on the dead tissue and spread the infection to other plants. In severe infections leaves and flowers may fall and badly affected stems may keel over.

Chocolate Spot is a type of funghi it likes shade, it likes the beans to be close together and dampness.

If I grow Broad beans again, I will consider all those points.

My runner beans on the other hand gave me a fantastic crop, every night I watered them they grew another inch! Slow at first but they have just recently finished (October) and I have pulled them down and saved the large pods for seeds next year.

Strawberries, during the summer it was great to compare with fellow garden enthusiasts how red they were getting how big the crop and strawberry size.

There are many diferent ways to plant up your strawberries and now they have sprouted runners next year I will have plenty more to plant and sell.

Some different Ideas for planting;


October in my garden, there’s not much to forage, a few courgettes some baby carrots, the last of the tomatoes,my cauliflowers are in and I will keep an eye on them.

Most of the plants are coming to an end and dying back, so cutting and replenishing the soil before I plant any winter hardy veg is up next on my list of jobs.


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