Obliging October Chutneys,pickles, preserves..

With all the foraged items from my local area and own Garden I have put together a post about preserving.

There are so many ways to preserve, so many recipes that no excess gatherings need go to waste,

Just a few ways of pro-longing there lives are;

  • Chutneys & Pickles
  • Pickling in brine
  • preserving in brandy
  • chopping/stoning uncooked items & storing in well labeled freezer bags in the freezer
  • Cooking items and storing in the freezer
  • Blitzing items in a processor and freezing in ice cube trays
  • Baking/Drying things like nuts on a low heat in the oven/airing cupboard and storing in an air tight container.

The thing I love about preserves is that you can gather your items and freeze them until you are ready to make your jam/chutney, it’s a really good idea if you think you might not have time to make it before the fruit/veg goes bad.


Before I have even started to gather my foraged items I start to ask every one to save me their clean jars.

I like jars with metal lids(because things like vinegar don’t corrode them), but even jars with out lids can still be used for jams/chutneys, instead you cover your jar with a see threw plastic disc and a rubber band and a pretty cover made of paper or material(like the ones in the picture above).

I find Hellmans mayonaise jars are best for pickled onions, because of there wide necks and size.

I don’t use a thermometer, I do fiddle with recipes and I have a few trusted methods to see if things like jams have set.

My good  friend in Aylesham bought me a great preserves book it was very inspiring, the most in depth book I own on the subject. Below are a few of the books I own about preserving….


In my next Post I will include some recipes and photos of jams/chutneys I have made 🙂


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