Judging others….


Ok how shall I start todays topic…..

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the quote ‘Judge not, lest you be judged’ to my understanding that means if you judge some one prepare to be judged.

The other quote I’m sure you know is ‘let he who is without sin cast the first stone’ to my understanding that means don’t point the finger unless you are perfect.

A bit like the quote ‘Pot calling Kettle black’ which I think means pointing out some one elses faults when you have plenty of your own, maybe even the same faults as your pointing out (in turn making you a hypocrite).

I’ve seen lots of Quotes on Social Network sites and lots of animosity caused by judgement or comments said with out thought.
It got me thinking, it seems to be a reoccurring theme and a constant point of issue with people who fall out over it.

Theres a big difference between having a general opinion(which we are all entitled to) and pointing the finger at some one directly just to make them feel bad/feel small which is a form of bullying.


I have come to the conclusion that it is HUMAN NATURE to judge.
We use our judgement skills to make informed decisions, to choose between right and wrong, to decide what we would do differently to the person in question.

We are here to LEARN from our experiences.

In a situation where you are Judging some one ask yourself these questions:

WHO- If I am discussing this with some one are they to be trusted?Could this get back to the person in question?

HOW- How would I feel if the person saw what I’d written or heard what I’d said?How would I feel if they judged me?

PERFECT?Can I see my flaws clearly and do I accept them?

WHY-Why am I talking about this person? Is it because I care? Is it for Advice? Is it to Vent? Or is it to GOSSIP?

WHAT- What am I judging them on and is it worth my time and energy?Is it something petty or something I seriously think needs to be approached?

IMPACT- Whose life does it impact?Mine? A child?A family member?An Animal?Some ones Health?

WORTH IT?Is it worth falling out over?

Try and keep in mind that we all have different priorities we were all raised differently and have different goals in life.
It takes all sorts to make up this world.


Some times you just need to pick your Battles and …



One thought on “Judging others….

  1. The questions you raised are very important for everyone to consider before opening their mouths when they talk about another. Sadly, many of us fall into the category of not thinking before we speak.

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