Community Volunteer

Firstly I am going to apologise for not Blogging lately.
In my past Blogs I talked about being helpful and thinking of others and making the world a better place.
This culminated in me Volunteering in my community.


It’s taken my attention away from my last Post about home-made cleaning products and ideas to organise the home.
I miss laid my Camera, so that didn’t help (the pixies must have moved it)!


I was chatting to my Mum about the state of the country, the lack of a positive system to help people out of work,the lack of Community and people who ‘fall off the grid’so to speak. Possibly because they don’t have family or there just aren’t enough people who step forward and show love and kindness.
Lots of us watch those lovely inspiring videos that pop up on Social network sites about kind people, helping each other and people performing random acts of kindness and I do think the world needs more people like this.
How many people walk past the homeless man on the street and feel to embarrassed or not motivated enough to spare a bit of change or a bottle of water or even a greeting?

Manners cost nothing, neither does being KIND.


In my Local village there is a Parish Council, a new concept to me and the closest I’ve ever come to it is the Vicar of Dibley!

There will be a Local Fayre near me and every one was invited to the Parish Council meeting about it last night.
It’s really nice knowing what was going on in the local village and I getting to know a few more faces.

It’s sad to think not every one cares about their community or even knows their neighbours names (I am all too familiar with this, when we lived at our last address in Wrexham I experienced this first hand).

I do believe people need to be shown kindness, often the people who are the most shut off, the most irritable angry and impatient people are the ones that need it the most.

I also believe that if you want to see a change you have to take action and take part of being that change you want to see.
Wether it’s starting a group or seeing whats on in your local community that you can part take in, being a good neighbour, we should all be looking out for each other.
It’s a really basic thing that I wish more people would do, as simple as bending down to pick something up for an elderly person,giving up your seat to some one on public transport that needs it more, holding a door or saying Thankyou.
It all has to start some where,no matter how small the steps, I believe in the ripple effect and we all have a responsibility and the power to change the world for the better.



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