Clean and Tidy-what does your house say about you?


What does your home say about you?

Even the most house proud owner can fall behind with house work, but having a really good cleaning regime and great storage that makes it easier and reduces the time you spend doing it has to be a good thing?

If you were to flick through a magazine and pick out rooms that you would love in your home ask yourself WHY are you attracted to them?

Is it because they are simple and spacious?uncluttered and clean?




I bet that room doesn’t have paper work down the side of the sofa? Empty mugs on the mantle piece, random things like pens,your other half’s wallet, car keys and the dogs lead dotted around the room children’s toys covering the floor(an accident waiting to happen).In need of a really thorough hoover/wipe down/mop?
And it probably doesn’t smell like last nights curry,cigarettes or dog?

It’s probably because in this house everything has a place to live a pot for the pens to go in? A hook for the dogs lead? A drawer or bowl for wallets and keys.Good storage and play area allocated for children to limit the spread of toys?A really efficient cleaning regime,reed diffusers and scented candles?

I will be looking at some of the ‘cleaning products,organizing/Storage accessories’ that are on the market and ones that you can make yourself, to make your life,easier, more practical and straight forward and hopefully mean you spend less time cleaning and picking up after every one else and more time doing the nice things in life you enjoy.
Things like these:




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