American Style pancakes! :)


this recipe is lovely and simple, it’s one that I remember easily.


1 cup of self raising flour (makes the pancakes rise and go really fluffy)

1 cup of milk

1 egg

1 pinch of salt

(real)Maple syrup(not a sugary sauce pretending to be maple syrup!) or runny honey

Your preferance of fruit to use in your pancake,(I have tried gratted pear which works well but I hear most fruit works well) I am using mashed banana today.

Nuts to garnish, walnuts or pecan go nicely with these.

Flora cuisine to fry your pancakes in.



1)Put about a tbspn of flora cuisine in a large non stick frying pan and heat it gentley,

2)In one bowl add all your ingredients(except your nuts and choice of maple syrup/runny honey- they go on at the end) and mix well.

3)In batches of about 3 place spoon fulls of your mixture in the pan when the flora cuisine is hot enough and fry on each side until golden.   

They won’t be perfectly round but they will be delicious! Don’t spoon your mixture to thickly it wants to be about as thick as a pound coin and the mixture will spread a little- so don’t over crowd your pan.

A  good indicator as to when to turn your pancakes over is that air bubles appear on the beige side,you can also slightly lift a corner and see if the underside is golden.

4)When your pancakes are cooked threw and golden on both sides serve with a drizzle of honey or maple syrup and scatter your chopped nuts over the top.



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