Snow day!

So the snow has hit where I am staying, I cooked brunch from my parents and we were talking about how fortunate we are that our cupboards are stocked and about the elderly and homeless people that this weather might affect badly.

Also people that have to travel alot,theres alot of debate about the roads not being gritted when it’s needed here.

Here are some of my tips to keep warm and well in the cold months;
If I start getting the sniffles I immediately reach for the high strength vitamin C, I like to eat alot of mixed veg but especially dark green veg like spinach(stir fry is my fave).
Food in the freezer is a must incase you get snowed in,I eat lots of garlic onions and chillies to fend away the lergy! Having tinned fruit and veg and a good stock of pulses and dried pasta and rice is a brilliant mixture to make meals with to fall back on when your fresh food starts to run low.(Check out my previous Post on ‘Mushroom Risotto’)
We also freeze milk (in plastic bottles).Hot drinks whether it’s cuppa soups, tea,coffee,hot squash or hot chocolate is great for warming you up from the inside.Also eating hot food,will warm you up, porridge is a good one for breakfast(with nuts or dried fruit especially).

layers are a must I even tuck my trousers into my socks, 🙂 Toe tees (thick house socks-sometimes with rubber grips on the bottom) are great too, but the proper ones (I think they are a brand name like thinsulate) are brilliant!They really do keep your feet warm.

If you’re on a low-budget heat one room close all the doors, block any drafts and use that room all day, take your projects into that room take your blankets and get ready for a cozy home day!

Putting your clothes on the radiator before you get dressed and your PJs on the radiator before you go to bed is a great one.
In the colder months I love my hot water bottles,yes that’s right I said bottle(s)I like to rotate them and I like to put two in our bed before we get in so It’s all toasty! 🙂

A quick warning most hot water bottle instructions advise you to NOT use boiling water from a kettle, and quite often the covers on a hot water bottle aren’t thick enough so you may have to wrap it in a towel or small blanket.


What tips do you have for the colder months?

We’ve been getting on with alot of indoor projects,because of the weather.
Although I did go outside to hang out more of my ‘seedy bird feeders’ (check prev post about how to make them),Don’t forget when the ground is frozen the birds food sources will be scarce and they will be grateful for your scraps. Also I attempted a snow dog sculpture and an octopus!The snow dog still needs a head (the snow is a bit dry not the best for snow sculptures) and my octopus still needs a face, but I had to stop for a hot chocolate and warm up because I couldn’t feel my feet!


We had Jerk chicken rice and peas and roast mediterranean veg for tea last night (just what you need when it’s cold outside)!
I’ve also been looking alot at You tube and have found some really lovely videos, some that make you feel warm and fuzzy and inspired and grateful.


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