New Years Resolution?

I’ve been thinking lately about what my New Years Resolutions could be and I don’t think they are particularly cliche.

I’m not going to start a diet,I don’t believe in diets I believe in eating healthily.


That means that when I do treat myself to something unhealthy like a take away that’s exactly what it is, a treat!
I like to space it out with big gaps in between so I really enjoy it when I have it.
Which is how I think take aways are meant to be eaten rather than part of a weekly diet!
Variety is the spice of life I love trying new Recipes for week day meals.
I have recently signed up to ‘Change for life’s government-run scheme that runs in connection with local supermarkets in the UK,to encourage people to eat healthily and be more active.
When you sign up you can opt in for email updates and you will recieve free recipes in the post and money off vouchers for food shopping.
Access to the website is available wether you sign up or not and has great healthy eating and excercise tips for all your family members!


I really enjoyed christmas and all the festive food that came with it (that is to say I had a little of everything that I like to eat). 🙂

I’m not going to join a gym,I really enjoy working out at home and when the weathers good I love to walk.


I don’t smoke and I don’t drink in excess.

My finances aren’t in bad shape, that being said anything I can save money on I will It just makes sense I don’t want to dip into my nest egg especially when the next thing on the cards for me with in the next few years is hopefully going to be a house!

Three Robin Eggs[1]

A few of mine are to try to be more mindful,basically think before I speak, quite often I get my words all higgledy piggledy!It usually doesn’t come across in the way I intended.


Re asses my style and wardrobe, what do my clothes say about me? What do I want them to portray?


Paint my nails more frequently, I own lots of nail varnish that I impulse buy but I rarely wear them,(I have my favourites and usually stick to them).
The same can be said about my jewelry.


This is a special New Years Resolution dedicated to my Mum,to really appreciate what it’s like to have some one else to take things off your plate to allow you more time to complete things you want to complete. ❤


To spend more time with people who truly love and care for me, by that I mean taking time out for the people in my life who enrich my life and truly care about me, it should go without saying but I plan to fill my life with those people and stop wasting time thinking about the ones who I care about who don’t care about me.Thats not meant to sound bitter, just realistic.


I really appreciated seeing some of the older family members and learning about my family history, not only for myself but also so I can pass the history down through the generations.I plan to continue to collect information and put it all together in a file.


I am lucky enough to still have some grandparents,I spent some time thinking about the family that do live near and if there’s any support or help they might need, especially the older members of the family.


I write myself reminder lists on what I’d like to improve on constantly things like improving my french, improving my geography(I’m useless), make more plans to travel,Read more, take my camera out with me more.
So I can’t really call those New Years Resolutions.


What do you think about New Years Resolutions?


Please leave me a comment xx

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