What have you been upto?

I hope every one had a lovely Halloween and Fire work night and every ones furry friends were safe and sound indoors while all the sparkly fire works were lighting up the skies!


In the last few weeks I’ve been to Wimbledon to watch the Hairy bikers Show at the Theatre, there was a lot of audience participation, singing, dancing spandex (don’t ask!) and cooking of course!

The Hairy Bikers (Simon & Dave) were looking half the men they use to be literally after their new dieters series they brought out on Tv, and although they did touch on it in the show, the show wasn’t based around it.

A tip for any one that fancy’s watching their show if they ask for a member of the audience to come on stage and play their game, volunteer! There were lots of goodies to be won!

I also visited a Buddhist temple called the Buddhapadipa Temple in Wimbledon.

It was a new experience for me, it was beautiful.

Buddhapadipa in London was the first Buddhist temple to be built-in the United Kingdom.  It was established by the London Buddhist Temple Foundation with the objective of creating a centre for the dissemination of theoretical and practical Buddhist teachings in Europe.

You are not permitted to take photos inside the temple so I’ve taken a few off of google.

The interior was stunning, a feast for the eyes, murals covered every wall.

There was an altar/shrine at the front with many gold buddhas, candles, flowers and lamps.

The day I visited people were bringing in lots of food to share, and flowers and eggs as offerings which they put in front of the altar/shrine.

The garden was very impressive, lots of Buddhist quotes,alters, streams, offerings,

statues and photographs of loved ones.

I also looked around a lovely local market that sold lots of Arty hand made things and spent time in the Wheel house,

A pottery shop and historical site that holds children’s workshops for making pottery. The Wheel is fully restored and in working order and dates from 1885, though there were previous mills on the same site for hundreds of years before then. The wheel turns every weekend during the market. Liberty’s used it for rinsing the gum off the printed silk, and inside you can still see the spools it powered. Nowadays the Wheelhouse is a pottery, and the wheel is used to turn the potter’s wheel, the only one in the country directly driven by water power. It also generates electricity and powers other machinery including a lathe. The Wheelhouse is maintained by the volunteers of Wandle Heritage Ltd, a charitable company supported by The London Borough of Merton.

I watched a man giving pottery lessons and saw some beautiful items for sale.

Before having a gorgeous walk surrounded by the autumn coloured leaves I admired a Heron standing with the ducks as a little girl and her Dad fed them.

Before it rained we managed to find a little National trust run cafe and I warmed up with a hot chocolate.


A few days later I found myself back in Wrexham, where me and my partner lived for three years whilst he was studying at Glyndwr University because it was his graduation ceremony!

He was off of the stage quicker than a flash of lightning, but I was very proud.

Below on stage in their gowns the Tutors and all the people who support Glyndwr University.

It was a good day, the ceremony was quite long, spoken in Welsh and English!

My partner and his class mates all looked very smart.


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