Seedy Bird Feeders

Our Wildlife is something we should all take an active role in protecting and be proud of,it makes our world a more colourful and interesting place.

I hope we preserve as much as we can for our children and our children’s children.

I’ve spent many a quiet moment appreciating the beauty of wildlife in my garden, on walks, in towns and in countryside.

Heres my little help for the birds in the colder months I am making seedy bird feeders, fun and easy great for children with adult supervision.


A large bar of cheap super market own brand lard

Wild bird seed mix 500g

cling film

ball of string & Scissors

moulds, that can be yogurt pots, small jelly moulds,mini pudding pots etc

A flat oven tray to put your pots on

sauce pan

wooden spoon


Fridge space



1) On an oven tray lay out your pots and line them with clingfilm

2)Make loops with the string and a double knot at the end for best results, Lay in the pot,with loop poking out.

3) Put your apron on,In a large pan heat on a low heat the block of lard stir with wooden spoon.

Lard melts easily at a low temp and if it gets too hot it spits,once melted turn off the heat.

2)Add the wild bird seed mix  and stir well.

3)Use a tsp to spoon the mixture into the moulds, holding the loop of string so it doesn’t get covered in the mixture                                                 push lightly to pack it down.

4)Put into the fridge over night to set, Store them in the fridge until ready to use.

5)Hang on branches that can take the weight of birds and high enough so they are not an easy target for cats, If you can hang them above thick bushes so if any of the seedy bird feeder bits fall off pet dogs can’t eat them, the lard etc could make them poorly.

Feed the birds 🙂


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