Mushroom Risotto for one

So the nights are getting colder and I’ve started craving food that’s comforting and warming.

Tonight I made my Mushroom Risotto which I love, and I don’t have it that often so it’s a bit of a treat.

I usually cook and eat my meals before I think of taking photos for my Blog but tonight I was good and got my camera out!

I love this recipe because I often have all of the ingredients in the cupboard already,if you don’t have fresh mushrooms you can use dry so this recipe is good if you get snowed in the colder months!


Half an onion

1 large clove of garlic (add as much as you like I love garlic!)

1 ramekin full of Risotto rice (1 ramekin full per person)

At least a handful of Mushrooms I’m using Chesnut Mushrooms(for a change)

”        ”    Dried mushrooms soaked for at least 1hr in boiling water to bring them back to life!

Fresh or dried herbs, I’m using fresh parsley and fresh Thyme,

A nice stock cube I’m using chicken but you can use veg stock cube (bare in mind you won’t need a whole one for one person it will be too salty)- so use about half or you could use the ‘stock’ from the dried mushrooms.

Small square of cheese,For grating into the risotto(you know the bit that usually gets left in the fridge)!                                
Parmesan or grana padano cheese works well
-(I have also tried it with cheddar it works fine it melts and makes the risotto creamy).

Flora Cuisine/low fat frying spray- about 1tbspn

Half a glass of white wine (optional)
You can also freeze left over wine in ice cube trays -which is great for recipes where you don’t need much like this one.


1) While your dried mushrooms are still soaking in hot water in a bowl with clingfilm over the top,in two seperate piles slice the fresh mushrooms and slice and chop the onion.

2)Make up your stock if you’re using a cube(half the stock if it’s only for one person), Fry the fresh onions and then add the fresh mushrooms (I like flora cuisine)it’s healthier than oil.

Fry until cooked through, then turn off heat.

(I apologise for the tatty pan it’s my fave omelette pan 😀 )

3) Measure out 1 ramekin( per person) of Risotto rice

4) Over a medium heat in a DRY pan add your rice and stir for about 1/2 mins this is to ‘start it off’

5) Add your stock,and your wine(optional)
(that’s half a stock cube with liquid if you’re doing this for one person).                                                                                                     All cooking instructions vary but I believe my way is simple and works,

Risotto rice takes approx 20mins to cook so I add ALL the stock now,in one go, and I cook it until it’s absorbed.

If it seems like it’s getting to dry before the 20mins is up I add more water, if it’s too wet I cook it longer.Stir regularly.

6) After 10 mins the water should be absorbing nicely and now you can add the dried mushrooms that have been soaked, stir well,

3/4 mins later add the cooked mushrooms and onion.

7) The 20min cooking time for the rice is approaching so I usually try a bit of the rice now it should be al dente/soft so at this pont we are going to use a garlic crusher and add in the garlic, chopped herbs( I add them at the end because I like the freshness of Parsley) and grate in the cheese.

8) Stir well, the texture we are looking for is creamy, not sitting in liquid but still wet and loose.

The rice should be cooked through.

9) Remember to taste before you add seasoning because Stock is salty….dig in 🙂



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