Lauren Kelly Print art work

I like to write about Artists I’ve seen and work that I like of theirs, today I am writing about some one I went to school with, Lauren Kelly she specialises in Print art work.

A distinguished teacher she currently works in a school as an art teacher where she uses the press in her classroom to make her prints.

She is also in the process of writing her Masters dissertation on how her practice as an artist and teacher inspire and compliment each other.

She became interested in printmaking at University while studying for a Graphic Design degree. After University she worked in London designing gifts for Marks and Spencer.

She starting making prints again when she became an art teacher and had more time on her hands during the school holidays.

The pupils she teaches to the other Art teachers who also create in their spare time all inspire her.
She told me ‘My job means that I have inspiration all around me all day.’

She lives in Wivenhoe which is known as a creative hive of activity attracting musicians,poets and artists alike.
Her  prints are mainly lino cuts but she does occasionally experiment with etchings, monoprints and collographs too.

She favours Gustav Klimt and Art Nouveau which have a big influence on the style of her work.

Above is one of my personal favourites.

She also displays her work to sell at various events, like the ‘Weasel in a Teacup’. This is an event run by two Colchester based artists and features stalls selling handmade items as well as vintage clothes, tea and cakes and live music.

She also displayed her work at Colchester Free Festival for sale, and has a display at Waterside Gallery in Brightlingsea.

Laurens Painting displayed along Brightligsea Marina;

You can view her work, places she might be displaying her work to sell and what she’s been up to by clicking the link below,

please go and have a look 🙂

You can also email her at:


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