Retro Tea Tray make over

Whilst scouring the charity shops I came across a retro tea-tray, twice! The first time I saw it was £4 the second time it was marked down to £2 it caught my eye so I started thinking about what I could do to it to update it so that I would use it.

The picture behind the plastic perspex window of the Tea Tray had a pressed flower picture in it that was made in 2001 (not as old as the Tea Tray Frame).
But the flowers had started to disintegrate. Note to self always put a sheet down to work on to avoid hovering between each stage!

(excuse my tea and biscuits 😀 )
I started by taking the tray apart.

This is the Tea Tray frame that I have decided to paint…

First I had to sand it down…

I painted it cream with paint especially made for wood, the only thing I can’t decide what to do with is the metal detail.
I wanted to pick it out and tried to avoid painting it but i just couldn’t get a good finish with the paint around the handles (you could see the brush strokes).
So I gave in and painted them I might pick the detail out with an antique looking metal paint, I haven’t decided yet (ideas welcome).

For the new picture in the middle I’m going for either a Cath Kidston inspired look or something with birds on.

I will update my progress as I go along as usual I have more than one project on the go at the moment so bare with me, I will be keeping my eyes peeled for a picture for the middle!

I tried a few different ideas and settled on this pattern, it’s girly and goes well with my Cath Kidston style mugs 🙂


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