I’ve missed so much….

I’ve been away from WordPress for a while and have logged on recently to have a nose around and I’ve missed so much, every ones getting on with projects babies are growing and changing… I have been so busy ‘Living’ and finding things to Blog about that I haven’t actually sat down to Blog (naughty me – slap on the wrist)!

If this has taught me anything it’s that I’m taking on far too many things at once, I’ve started reading 3 different books, I keep collecting things to make/do/learn and they are all waiting to be started!

So far…

  • My infamous Retro tea-tray awaiting make over(sanded and painted) awaiting something pretty to go behind the clear perspex ‘window’ in the middle.
  • 2 wooden candle sticks-currently a shade of emerald-green awaiting make over,
  • Glass pebble rings started look beautiful need finishing,
  • Quilting Book,
  • Soft toy making Book & Wadding,
  • Lots of Jam Jars and Chutney & Jam book,
  • Lots of Items to poss eBay (I buy on eBay but have never sold anything)
  • Waiting for wax and candle wicks from eBay,
  • Coconut oil for soap making
  • Foraging – Herbal remedies – lots of dried flower heads,
  • Lots of lavender to make lavender Bags etc…

I’m sure there are more(I will update it if I find any)!

It feels like Life has been pretty hectic lately, the last few weeks especially, my organisational skills have been called upon to organise my parents packing for their holiday, (supervising really) and reminding my Mum of things she’s forgotten to pack/do…


and sort out my little brother.

Not only did he get stranded abroad only making it home by the skin of his teeth but he’s also off to Uni soon…which means lots of sorting and list making so he has everything he needs when he gets there.

I’m sure he’d survive with the clothes on his back and a tin of beans (which he would happily arrive with) but for my mother’s health – I have stepped in 😀

I do complete my Lists of things to do, but no sooner have I checked something off, there’s something new to put on it.


I’m awful for writing lists and putting certain things off until i absolutely have to do it but once it’s done I feel great!

Today I was supposed to catch up with paper work and emails, but instead I did some research into Free range chickens, and animal welfare, and looked at the LUSH spa in London and day dreamed about massage! 😀

I did complete lots of gardening I planted my sunflower (it was begging for more root space than the flower-pot that contained it)!

Lots of cutting and tidying, it’s not finished, but I am happy with what I achieved today it’s very satisfying when you can SEE what you’ve done.

I have made plum Jam and will upload photos and recipe soon, been on a fair few day trips and will be reviewing two places to eat ‘Thai up at the Quay’ and ‘The Angel Inn’.

I guess the main project I have completed is ‘project work space’ My own creative work space with ‘inspiration board’ and all the things I could need …(including my own biscuit tin)! I will upload photos.

Oh yes and towards the end of Aug was my Birthday! 🙂 Got so many lovely goodies feel thoroughly spoilt and still got some to come(late presents are the best I think, because you forget your getting them).

Great present from my family I’m going to see The Hairy Bikers in London with my Mum (I have my suspicions she really wanted to go) 😀


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