Home made/Hand made gifts there is a recession you know!

I’ve always thought hand-made gifts to be that little bit more special, some one took the time to make that and put their love into it, just for you.

While it might be quicker and easier to pick something up at the shops it can be cheaper to give hand-made gifts and lets face it, there’s a recession on! Plus I think they are adorable I love receiving and giving hand-made gifts, but I’d like to explore home-made a little bit more.

I prioritize my money thus: Pay the rent, pay the bills, pay the council tax, Buy the food shopping what I have left over could go to toiletries/cosmetics,friends/family/ and the family pets or a treat(that can be anything from a nice night out to a new product on the market I am dying to have/try/really nice ingredients for a lovely dinner/desert).

Luckily I am pretty good with my money and budgeting, but it got me thinking about how quickly money is spent and how addictive it is spending (the warm fuzzy feeling you get from buying something) that in my opinion doesn’t last long enough!

My youngest cousins birthday came around and I really thought hard about what I could give to a 7-year-old that wasn’t jam or chutney but still showed love and time had been spent on it, and of course I hope it would be something she’d enjoy.

So this week I have been putting her ‘goodies’ together, they include a hand-made bracelet and a (I think) beautiful jar of cookie mix all the dry ingredients with instructions and Quantities of wet ingredients needed to make them.

It reminds me of one of those ‘sand jars’ you can buy on holiday with all the different colours.

Simple but effective, and I know she will have fun making them. 🙂

I’ve still got to write out the instructions, and find something pretty to put onto the lid (pics to follow)………………. x


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