Let the move begin…

It is getting intensely hard to inhabit a home where most of your possessions are packed in boxes,in anticipation of the move back to Essex!

It feels like everything I pack I suddenly need!

I had a very productive day yesterday schlepping boxes from one room to another and cleaning where I’ve been moving all our possessions. How dust gets under things I will never know!

Stacking boxes to create the illusion that I don’t own that much stuff (I am only lying to myself!) 😀

It’s deceiving when everything is stored away in cupboards how much we really have, to see it all in boxes and bags is over whelming!

Despite taking bags and bags to donate to the charity shops and clothes to the clothing bank,I know only too well if I get rid of home accessories I might regret it once I’ve moved.

I think I’m doing quite well, packing wise I think I’m running on anticipation, adrenaline and protein shakes…… considering I am doing it all by myself(with a prolapsed disc in my back) as the boyfriend is 100% focused on his Illustration work (maybe it’s best a woman does it, anyway I have much better logic and common sense) 😛


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