Egg heads :) a bit last minute but still fun

Fun for the big kids and the little ones 😀

  1. When you use your eggs, try to crack them near the top so you have more room for the cress to grow, and you have more room for your funny faces!
  2. Rinse them out and dry them,
  3. Choose a container, wether it be your egg carton or egg cups.
  4. Once they are dry line them up in your egg carton/egg cups to see how much of the ‘face’ shows.
  5. I used a permanent marker to draw my faces on, but you can use anything you like from sequins stuck on to ‘boggly eyes’ and glitter,be as creative as you dare. You could even paint the egg carton.
  6. Once your egg ‘faces’ have dried,(so you don’t smudge them) dampen some cotton wool and fill the egg-shell nearly to the top.
  7. Sprinkle on cress seeds as evenly as you can.
  8. Make sure the cotton wool is kept damp and watch the cress hair grow! 😀




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