Interior Design,

I love so many different types of interior design and ‘themes’ and I’ve always said I need at least 5 houses to decorate to fulfill my ambition of all the different types of Decor I enjoy.

Maybe I should do it for a living? That would solve that issue 😀

Your surroundings are so important whether your tastes be expensive or chabby chic.

Wether you buy everything from new, make your own and put your own personal stamp on it or buy things second-hand from charity shops.

I definitely believe your surroundings reflect a little or alot of YOU.

I regularly view buildings and think about the potential and what I would include in a room, what kind of ‘feel’ I would go for.

I also get lots of inspiration from really good garden centres, magazines, the internet and places I visit.


I like my spaces Practical, everything has to have a home, I don’t like clutter, I love mixing old and new, I’d like to think my tastes are fairly classy but basically I think you should make the best of what ever you’ve got.

I create rooms on the ‘feel’ I want to go for, and I like things to match, it doesn’t have to be all the same shade of a colour but I generally don’t have more than 3 colours in a room.I don’t like walking into a room that’s multi coloured unless it’s a childs room 😀

I decorate with what I want the rooms to be used for in mind;

Bedroom- Relaxing,luxurious, minimal, made for sleep.

Lounge- Comfey,Cozey,practical with good Storage, made for Snuggling and movie watching with lots of throws and good lighting for Book reading.

Bathroom-Bright, airy,clean lots of storage, Spa like With maybe a funky Acc colour.

Kitchen-Cute/Practical, Clever storage for food,jars spices etc, Cook Books I don’t like too many things on the side or it tends to look too cluttered.

This is a start of a collection that I will update as I get more pictures of the types of things that inspire me in a room, the sort of thing I would stick on a mood board to bring together a collection for a room and then I would go out and shop with that in mind.


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