WELLBEING Products Review

As a Big fan of Natural products I will be reviewing some products from a company called ‘WELLBEING‘.

They are a company I have used before. I purchased some ‘Pernaton Gel’ for  my Dads Joint pain and am happy to say that it worked wonders, I am in consultation with a man named Richard Jones, as to which products would be good to review.

The Pernaton gel is being featured in a national magazines editorial section. They trialled it with their readers and have had an amazing response, prompting them to feature it with a two page editorial.

They will be offering their readers a special offer which they can access via their Exclusive Offer button on their website.

Richard has very generously given permission for me to have the code which will allow all you lovely readers to access the page and you  can get a 10% discount off all the pernaton products.

CODE: YRP01 Allows all you lovely readers a discount off pernaton products until june 22nd 2012! 🙂


Thank you to all the readers that messaged me with ideas of products you wanted to hear about, I have heard from Richard and the Products I will be reviewing are;

A tube of Aloe Vera gel,

a Uvistat Lip Screen ,

Tea Tree blemish stick.

Look what I collected from the Post Office this evening 🙂

Over the next few weeks I will be reviewing these products watch this space…………………..

Aloe vera gel

 About this product;

Aloe Vera products have been well documented for their wonderful properties.

Soothing and cooling It’s been used for years externally and internally for its nutrients and works with your immune system.

You can buy Aloe Vera in many forms.

 The Aloe Pura Range has developed its own exclusive process to give maximum strength and there for maximum results.

My notes:

I’ve heard of Aloe Vera Gel being used for Sun burn, because it has cooling, soothing and moisturising properties. So when I received this product to Review at this time of year I wasn’t sure how I was going to test its properties.

I decided to use it as a Body moisturiser. I found that it was very gentle on my sensitive skin, it isn’t scented and it absorbed quickly. I suffer quite badly with shaving rash directly after I shave my legs and I’m happy to report I’ve found a new cure! The other Body moisturiser I’ve used are mainly scented and sting my skin where I’ve shaved. How ever using the Aloe Vera Gel, there was no stinging just cooling and soothing and although it absorbed quickly it lasted, my legs felt smooth and soft.

UVISTAT SPF 50 Lip screen

  About this product;         

A brilliant product fighting against sun damage amongst other ailments this lip screen has really high protection from UVA & UVB rays Spf 50.

It also helps protect against cold sores, soothes dried or chapped lips.

It’s colourless and can be used under lip stick suitable for any skin types.

It contains Tea Tree oil and Vitamin E.

My Notes:

I think these days every one knows we should protect our selves every day (even when the sun isn’t shining)from UVA & UVB rays and wear Spf and while I think most women remember to put face cream on our lips are neglected.

This is the highest Spf lip screen I’ve ever used, it applys very smoothly and has a subtle refreshing tea tree smell, that isn’t over powering.

This product is also great for unisex wear, if your on a beach, jogging or just leaving the house, this little lip screen will be coming with me.

Tea Tree Blemish Stick

 About this product;

 invisible gel for blemishes, a special blend of Tea Tea Oil, Vitamin E(antioxidant) and spearmint oil(for fragrance),with an easy use sponge applicator in a convenient size pack.

My Notes:

I’ve tried products similar to this one in the past and if I’m honest I didn’t expect to see any results. I’m happy to say I was wrong and can only put it down to the quality of ingredients that go into this product.

I like to use this kind of treatment over night but with in hours of applying the gel any red blemishes I had started to subside by day 5 of application the blemishes were barely visible by day 7 they were gone.

Considering I have been using Medicated skin care from the Doctors, because my skin takes a long time to heal I am very excited that I will now be able to treat my skin more naturally.

Here is the link to the WELLBEING web site; http://www.wellbeing-uk.com/Index.aspx


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