Mama Tea Review

When my good friend was suffering with morning sickness I tried everything I could think of to help her, ginger biscuits, smelling salts,

mints to suck.

When they didn’t work I turned to the Internet for ideas and stumbled upon a wonderful website, Mama Tea.

All the teas are herbal(Caffeine free) with mum’s in mind, but of course can be drunk by any one that enjoys herbal teas. ūüôā

The packaging is funky and bright, the teas are easily identifiable and also tell you on the front what the herbal properties are.

After getting in contact via email I received some sound advice and a few samples, I can’t praise the lady that wrote back to me enough, she was warm and helpful and full of knowledge.

I gave the samples to my friend and her face lit up with surprise, she promised to try them and tell me which one worked for her, when she had found ‘the one’ I ordered her a batch.

Mama Tea was founded by Anna Louise Simpson, busy mum of two young children. She discovered herbal tea during her first pregnancy. However, she struggled to find tasty herbal teas for the different stages of pregnancy, therefore she wanted to create her own range for others to enjoy.                 

The lovely Ladies at Mama Teas are sending me a selection to sample and tell all you lovely readers about them. I am also giving some out to a Bumps and Babies group in Canterbury and will add any feed back.

Look what arrived this morning ūüôā . . .

 Morning Mama

About this Tea:

This is a subtle blend of ginger root, whole chamomile flower heads, lemon balm, lemon peel and orange peel        that is fantastic for nausea, morning sickness and digestive upsets.

My notes;

The ginger is really¬†warming like getting a hug from the inside, although it’s lemon and citrusy it’s not sour at all

and the chamomile is really comforting.

It’s really refreshing and is also recommended as an Ice tea when your hot and bothered.

This is a really delicately flavoured gentle comforting tea.

Suitable for weeks 1-40

 Glowing Mama

 About this Tea:

An Earthy blend of South African Roobibos, Echinacea leaf, dandelion and the delicate blossoms of elder flowers.

A powerful antioxidant, good for fluid retention and boosting the immune system.

 My notes;

 This tea has a hint of a black tea leaf flavour and has a lot of depth, I can identify the dandelion and the after taste is

a really lovely sweet floral taste.

I can Vouch for its immune boosting and Fluid retention properties, I felt really bloated the day I drank this and¬†a¬†bit run down and it definitely solved both of those issues ūüôā

Suitable for weeks 1-40

 Cool Mama

  About this Tea;

 A refreshing minty tea that cools with gentle chamomile flower heads blended with spearmint leaves and marshmallow leaves.

This tea is a gentle heartburn and indigestion tea that is also perfect for settling down and relaxing.

My notes;

¬†When it says blended with spearmint leaves they weren’t lying! It’s so refreshing and with the chamomile it’s comforting with a sweet after taste.

I tried this tea after I’d eaten a big dinner, and¬†as an¬†indigestion remedy it worked perfectly.

Suitable for weeks 1-40

 Ready Mama

 About this Tea:

Traditional raspberry leaf and motherwort are blended with fruity hibiscus and gorgeous rose petals,

Echinacea and rosehip to provide a powerful blend for the day ahead.

This is a powerful birth preparation tea and is perfect for labour and after the birth and should only be used from week 38 of pregnancy.

My Notes;

It’s pink!!!! ūüôā This tea is so lovely it gets extra points because it’s pink and girly, like drinking roses and blended flowery, fruity goodness with a raspberry jam after taste. One word, Yum!

Suitable from weeks 38+

 New Mama

 About this Tea:

 Sweet Liquorice, fennel and fenugreek seeds, blended with nettle leaf, lemon balm and red clover.

It’s their best seller, it’s also fantastic¬†tea to drink during¬†breastfeeding as it contains three galactagogues, which help with milk flow.

My notes;

¬†I’ve never tasted a tea like this one, it’s so different and I can see why it’s their best seller.

The depth of flavour is amazing it’s liquoricey, lemony sweet and full of flavour. ¬†I love the liquorice kick and I found that it was a great alternative to caffeine when I needed a kick when I was flagging.

Suitable for breastfeeding therefore not recommended during pregnancy


It’s been such a treat to Review Mama Herbal Teas ūüôā you can see from my notes I can pick out most of the ingredients

and you can see the ingredients in the tea bag it’s such good quality.

I love the funky packaging and would recommend Mama Teas to any one.

It’s a Beautiful Range and it would make a lovely Gift.

Take a look at the Mama Tea website for more information, where you can buy them and order them online ūüôā


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