Centre Parcs Review

Centre Parcs is a Big Company offering a close to nature experience, convenience, activities,ameneties with the luxury of four walls hot and cold water on tap and your own bathroom,(unlike camping in a tent).
I have yet to try other packages that are similar.

If you have heard of any please comment below! ūüôā

Being in love with Nature and not wanting to go abroad for a small break away¬† I have visited two of the countries ‘famous’ Centre Parcs.

Longleat in Wiltshire,where we stayed in an Executive Lodge and separately in New Style Woodland Lodge and Elvedon Forest in Suffolk where we stayed in one of the wooden lodges that are set out like apartments.

It is very child/family friendly providing lots of  varied activities and extras whether your child be the type to enjoy sitting and making, getting messy, physical and sporty or a bit of all three;

little ones(3 and under)¬†there are activities like¬†children’s club, painting, play dough¬†music and pic nicks,

animal based activities, Archery,face painting,junior fencing soccer club and fairy play to name but a few.

For the older children Aerial adventures in the forest, Birds of prey experience,Fencing,Quad biking, jewelry making, Laser combat and many more.

Also if you’re a dog lover for a fee you can bring your waggy tailed friend with you.

All the Centre Parcs are well-known for their swimming pools and Spas and I have always found them to be spotless.

For the Adults

The Spas are beautiful and most come with towels and a dressing gown for use while you are there, a whole section dedicated to tranquility(My favourite place equally to being surrounded by nature).

I always choose to do this activity on a rainy day, there’s something very special about being pampered in the warm ¬†while¬†listening to¬†the rain fall.

You have the option to pay one fee and use all of the facilities in the spa or pay separate fees and book pamper treatments.

They also offer alot of ‘under cover’ activities should the weather change in a sports/family building, also a DVD rental service.

The trip to Centre Parcs can be as luxurious or as down to earth as you make it.

Centre Parcs work very hard to please all their guests and think of just about everything.

There are on site super markets and a lovely gift shop.

You can arrange a box to be in your room before you arrive with all the amenities you can think of or alternatively you can bring your own.

When we go to Centre Parcs the luxury items I bring with me are, a chocolate fondue set, some DVDs, incase we get a rainy evening and a chance to snuggle up and my welly boots(not exactly luxurious but I love them) ūüôā

During the day I like to feed the ducks, walk around the vast wildlife filled forest and breathe in the fresh air, eat out at some of the fantastic restaurants, my favourite including the pancake house.

The Prices and accommodation Vary, but as some one who has stayed in three different types I have to say I find all clean, welcoming and cheerful.

The executive Lodge was Luxurious and had extras like a jacuzzi style Bubble bath, the apartment style accommodation was more minimalist but still clean and bright, over looking trees and the lake, but I think my favourite is the new style woodland Lodge, It’s very funky and modern with bright decor ours had a ‘rain forest shower head let me tell¬†you it was amazing!

All the Centre Parcs accommodation I’ve stayed in had lovely photos of forestry and greenery, just incase you forget where you are! ūüôā



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