Natural Remedies and Alternative therapies

I am a huge fan of Natural remedies and products and diet changes to help alleviate or cure symptoms and if an oppurtanty arises to try something natural verses something man-made I’d always pick the first option(with direction from my GP first).


I’ve got lots of books on the subject and soak it up like a sponge.

For my back injury I have seen the GP numerous times, had an MRI scan,had Chiropractic treatment, been to ‘pain management’ had physio on and off for the last five years.

But the main natural treatments that I rave about are Tiger balm,like heat balm contains natural products(not tiger I must just add)!

Shiatsu treatment which works on massaging pressure points on the body and stimulating circulation.


I received Shiatsu Treatment from my Mum’s Japanese friend. She tailored it to what I needed and she also taught me some really good yoga/pilates style stretches for my stiff little body. She is amazing and she has magic hands.


The other thing I cannot recommend enough is a TENS machine, it can be used for back pain, shoulder pain, sciatica,through child-birth and is totally drug free! It works by interrupting pain signals to the brain by transmitting a subtle electrical pittar patter feeling through the sticky pads you stick directly to your skin over where you feel pain, and it has many intensity levels.


I will be trying some natural products and reviewing them on this page.


Please leave me a comment xx

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