Every body wants to be a cat…..


If I had to be a domestic pet, I would definitely be a loved family cat…

Having naps when I wanted, laying stretched out in the sun, snuggling up on warm laps and by the fire when It’s cold…

Exploring the garden, laying on the patio and in the grass, ahhh bliss 🙂

I love all animals, that’s not to say I’d want to have them all as pets. But I definitely have a huge soft spot for cats.

Elegant, funny, majestic, scatty, full of personality, beautiful, affectionate(when they want to be).

On my 11th birthday in a caravan parked in a farmer’s field,somewhere near Legoland, with my mum and dad watching on excitedly and mum pointing a camera in my face I blew out my candles and opened my presents. Amongst them was a cat flap for the back door.

I looked bemused thinking my daft Mum had given me some one elses present.

‘But we don’t have a cat’ I said quietly.

I’d been going on and on about getting a cat for ages, the only pet I’d ever really wanted.

Gold-fish had kept me content for a while, and all the other pleas for rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters had fallen on deaf ears.

My mum not relishing the thought of cleaning the cages and she’d already seen how much time they could take up (my cousins had owned many).

‘No we haven’t, but we will have’ My Mum said beaming.

I was so excited I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I couldn’t wait for our little trip away to end so we could go and see them and pick out one to be our very special new family addition.

We went into the living room of  a friend of the family to where the kittens where in a box with lots of blankets snuggled up to their Mum.

I peered in at them all warm squealing little balls of fluff, the mummy cat purred affectionately and licked which ever kitten she could reach,while the others fed.They climbed over each other and there little ears and tails looked so stubby and strange I’d never seen kittens this young before.They weren’t ready to be re-homed yet they had some weeks to go before they were ready.

‘Which one do you like?’ asked the lady. How do you choose? It was all a blur, I thought they were all beautiful and lovely I didn’t even have a colour preference, the lady handed me a beautiful little tortoise-shell girl, her big eyes looked up at me and she squeaked and nuzzled into me, I was smitten.

‘Well she said, if your going to have that one you have to take this one too’,she said pointing to a multi coloured tabby with white paws and chest. ‘They are best friends, they are always together’, my Mum looked un decided and discussed quietly behind me while I looked on in wonder at the tiny creatures.

Then she turned a decision had been made, we were going to have two kittens and collect them in a few weeks time (which couldn’t go quickly enough for me).

When we collected the Kittens once they were ready I was agog at just how much they had grown and changed they both had long sleek bodies the tails were still slim like little furry rats tails and huge ‘bat ears’ there faces were no longer squished and they had needle sharp teeth. We didn’t own a proper ‘cat box’ the type you would take cats into the vets,so into a cardboard box with blankets and a thin one over the top and into the back of the car on my lap they went.

All the way home there pitiful cries penetrated my heart and I felt awful for separating them from their mother, even reassurance from my mum couldn’t stop my tears from falling.

For the first few weeks they cried, alot and I vowed that I would do everything a good cat owner could do to make them happy.

In no time at all they had settled right in, they explored every inch of the house,up the curtains, under the bed in the bed, it was so comical to watch their acrobatics and watching the two little blobs under the duvet chase each other 😀

They became my best friends, each having distinctive personalities, always there for me, always an inquisitive meow and cocked head, I couldn’t wait to see them at the end of my school day and we fell into a blissful routine,they brought joy into my life and so began my love affair with cats!


3 thoughts on “Every body wants to be a cat…..

  1. How lovely! My mom had a cat before she had kids, so I never got to have an experience like yours. We managed to accumulate a lot more over the years, too! I’m glad I gave my hubby a day like this one when we got our Siamese, though – he’d never had his ‘own’ pet and he was in his mid-30’s!

    • In my life time our family has had 2 cats, a black girl lab, a boy golden retriver, a budgie, and now a boy white lab.
      Since I’ve moved across the country away from my family home with NO pets I’m definately getting home sick for them! I’m waiting until we move into our next house to get pet/s with my boyfriend- he has never had a pet either but adores my family pets-luckily (I don’t think I could live for ever with out something furry to greet me and cuddle up to while I’m watching Tv). I’m lost with out them and I think i’ve become a crazy cat Lady because i stop to stroke every cat I see, I am definately missing animal affection! 😀

  2. I, too, have always wanted cats. But during my childhood I couldn’t have one because my father was and is allergic to them. But then once I got married, my husband and I took in two cats from two different cats who couldn’t own them anymore. One of them died. But the other one… she is so fat! I love watching her run, because she looks like a bowling ball. They are wonderfully fun! I now have a love affair with cats, as well.

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