I love this recipe because it’s quick and easy, and you can vary what you add to this dish depending on what you have in the cupboards. 😀

It’s especially good for people who aren’t really into fish (like my boyfriend) because it’s got all the tang and aroma of a chinese dish, but all the omega 3 goodness that’s in salmon!

(Serves 4)


50ml soy sauce

2 pieces of stem ginger finely chopped(this can be fresh/from a jar or I have used 2tspn dried ginger which also works)

50ml sugar syrup from stem ginger jar/honey if you’re not using stem ginger,

1 red chilli deseeded, finely sliced(I have used chilli flakes when I haven’t had fresh chilli approx 1/2tspn

zest and juice of 2 limes (1 more if you want wedges as a garnish),

4 pieces salmon fillets skin on,

1 tbspn of flora cuisine/olive oil/stir fry oil,

2x 410g pack off free range egg noodles, (although the dried variety that you boil work just aswell(you just have to change the method slightly)

Stir fry veg if you want any,example;thinly sliced red pepper, peas, bean sprouts, mushrooms, carrot ribbons(what ever you’ve got in the veg rack) 😀

If you have any in the cupboard sesame seeds or flaked almonds toasted and sprinkled on top provide a lovely crunch.


1) In a pan heat chilli,lime juice & zest,syrup/honey and  ginger, place salmon in same pan skin side down, the liquid will boil, thicken and reduce by half,

2) In a separate large pan/Wok Start stir frying your thinly cut veg in a little oil(which ever your pref)                                                                          After 5 mins turn the salmon and continue to cook for another 3 mins.

3) Mean while get your noodles ready to add to the stir fried veg, (if using dry packet noodles – cook as directed then add to veg), stir well.

4) when cooked, Lay noodles& stir fried veg on plate, and lay the salmon on top,

To garnish you can add a wedge of lime and/or the toasted sesame seeds/flaked almonds.


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