Join my book club :)


Tell me what your fave book/s are and why …. I love biographies and fiction and children’s books…I love books that can take me away to another time and place there’s nothing better than getting lost in a good book :))

As much as i love the internet and films etc there’s something rather special about having a book in front of you,i own many and I’m sure my collection will just continue to grow. A lot of them are reference books for the things I’m interested in as hobbies, but i have started a new collection of ‘classics’.

I grew up reading Lady bird books, Enid Blyton,secret Seven etc,Roald Dahl, Goose bump books, but my fave books from when i was very young is the hungry caterpillar which i learnt by heart and used to recite at family events (there was also a joke version i saved for special events!) and The Jolly Postmen books by Janet and Allan Ahlberg, what a treat so many things to look at and to pull out and things to find.

There is an eight year age gap between me and my brother, so I have the pleasure of remembering the books I read to him amongst the ‘Thomas the Tank’, ‘Spot the Dog’ and ‘Fire man Sam’ books were some real gems, Alfie and Anni rose-being one of them(very similar to Charlie and Lola).

So if you are or have enjoyed a good book wether it be some ones life story,a classic or a book your reading to your child let me know, leave me a comment, rate it (but don’t give the punchline away) never know it just might inspire others to read it! 🙂


One thought on “Join my book club :)

  1. Not sure if ive got a favourite book but when i was younger i loved Rohald Dahl. Fantastic Mr fox, BFG, the witches these books hold good memories for me. His writing was funny and disgusting which was always going to appeal to a messy little pup like me. It always had a good sense of morality which is important in children’s books.

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